Petsies Stars Holiday Sale

  • These adorable stuffed animals of famous pets make for the perfect holiday gift 
  • Mugs, t-shirts, and other items available- Check out all the stars here 
  • Ships in time for U.S. Christmas (YAY!) 

Awww thanks... I love you too!

Since we're clearly best friends now, I think it's time I met your family and other friends!

It would absolutely pawsitively make my day if you shared Petsies with your friends and family. Perhaps you know someone that's obsessed with their pet that would love this? Or perhapys you just want to share this cool, unique product with the world? Me thinks you'll get a ton of likes on FB, just saying! ;) 

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Petsies as a Gift

Birthdays... Anniversaries... Holidays... OH MY! There are so many special occasions where Petsies would be the perfect gift.

Plus, you know you want this totally legit "Best Friend" trophy* that every friend secretly has stowed away, waiting for the perfect moment. If you surprise your bestie with a Petsie, we're think you have a pretty strong chance at winning this coveted award.  


*Not actually a legit trophy, but we're sure it exists somewhere!

bff award

Don't forget turnaround time is 5 - 7 weeks

Because our products are all custom-made by hand, it takes some time to bring them to life. To guarantee on-time delivery of your custom plushie, be sure to get your order in at least 6 weeks ahead of time. 

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