Petsies Stars Presents:

Reese Lightning Stuffed Animal

Petsies Stars Presents:

Reese Lightning Stuffed Animal

Get your own adorably huggable stuffed animal of Reese Lightning—one of the happiest, most easy going pups on the planet!

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Product Details

This daydreaming dachshund is the youngest of her doggo siblings and loves every minute of it. She spends her days in aloof wonderment of the world around her and loves to cuddle. Now, you can have your own speckled beauty to snuggle with! 

     10” Mini Plush

     Made from soft, huggable materials

     Adorably accurate details

     Safe & suitable for all ages

     Washable & super cuddly


Reese Lightning

Miniature Dachshund

Facebook: @harlowandsage

Slogan: “Go Reese Lightning”

Fursonality: Happy-go-lucky daydreamer

Features: She’s got the head of one dog and the body of another, and the cutest floppy ears and speckled belly.

Famous for: Being the youngest sibling in the Harlow & Sage family. She’s been in the limelight since she was adopted, but has since won the hearts of millions due to her insane cuteness and lighthearted personality.

Enjoys: Reese loves playing with socks, biting Indiana’s tail and Harlow’s ears, and she absolutely loves the movie Elf. (Fantastic movie choice, Reese)

Reese's Backstory

Reese, often referred to as “Reese Lightning”, is the third pack member of her sweet little family. The original pack consisted of Harlow (Weimaraner) and Sage (Miniature Dachshund), the best dog friends in the whole world. When Sage passed away from old age in 2013, Harlow began searching for a new best friend. The adorable Indiana Thunderbolt (Miniature Dachshund) was adopted first, then Reese followed. The daydreaming baby of the fam quickly steals the hearts of everyone she meets and continues to be a happy, bright light in the world. 

Check out the Harlow & Sage website for more amazing pics.

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