Wife Gets Husband Exact Replica of His Beloved Deceased Dog


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When you get a pet, they become a member of your family. It’s a bond for life! While Mazhar was in medical school in India, he adopted his dog, Beckham. After completing school, he couldn’t imagine coming back to the United States without him, so he flew Beckham internationally, which is no small feat.

In 2017, after a life well loved, Beckham passed away due to old age. It was extremely hard on Mazhar. His wife, Hina, wanted to find the perfect gift to help bring him some comfort. She stumbled across Petsies and sent photos of Beckham to have a plush lookalike of him created. Check out Mazhar’s reaction to seeing the plush clone of Beckham for the first time.

Mazhar breaks down as soon as he sees his new Beckham Petsies. The custom dog stuffed animal looks just like him. Mazhar especially liked how Petsies was able to re-create the ear to look just like Beckham’s ear.

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