Wife Gets Husband Exact Replica of His Beloved Deceased Dog

A wife gave her husband an exact replica of his beloved deceased dog. Watch his reaction when he opens his Petsies custom stuffed animal dog.

Petsie Brings Comfort to Woman with Dementia

Family gave their mom who has Dementia a Petsie custom stuffed animal to bring her comfort after she missed her dog Roxy when she moved into a nursing home.
horse stuffed animal

Custom Horse Stuffed Animal

Horses are fascinating animals that people of all ages love! A custom horse stuffed animal makes the perfect personalized gift for horse lovers.
petsies custom plushies of your pet

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Petsies Adventures: Tales from the Traveling Petsie

Travel Adventure Petsies
You don't have to miss your pet when you travel. Petsies allows you to bring a custom stuffed animal twin of your pet on your next travel adventure!

Create Your Own Custom Pit Bull Stuffed Animal

pit bull custom stuffed animal
Pit bull dogs make incredibly lovable and affectionate pets. Create your own Petsie pit bull stuffed animal that looks just like your dog.

Hope, the Blind & Deaf Doxie, Gets a Plush Twin!

pet with physical limitations
While owning a pet with physical limitations poses many challenges, there are also countless rewards. Check out this amazing and inspiring story.