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Love is in the air! Whether you’re in a relationship and adore the sentimental traditions of Valentine’s Day or if your four-legged friend is the love of your life, we have the purrr-fect gifts for all pet lovers and their animals. Check out the 5 best Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

custom stuffed animal of your pet

Petsies Custom Stuffed Animals that Look Just Like Your Pet

The attachment we feel for our pets is true love. There’s not a more unique gift to give your animal-loving significant other than a Petsies custom stuffed animal that looks just like their pet. Petsies are realistic looking plushies that are handmade and airbrushed by expert designers to capture all the small details that make your pet unique. This personalized gift has made grown men cry, women shriek, and families do a double-take after seeing their Petsies for the first time. This is a Valentine’s Day gift that your loved one will remember.
$199 on MyPetsies.com

custom pet pillows

Personalized Pillows of Your Pet

Our pets offer us unconditional love and what better way to show everyone how much we love our animals in return than a custom pillow made from your favorite photo of your pet! Petsies pillows let you cuddle your pet no matter where you are and minus all the hair! They come in three different sizes, are custom shaped, and printed on both sides of the pillow. Your Valentine will love this unique personalized gift.
Starting at $49 on MyPetsies.com

best Valentine's Day gift ideas

Have a Taylor Swift Moment with Your Cat Backpack

If your other half is a cat lover the Your Cat Backpack is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for them! Even pop princess Taylor Swift was spotted in the trailer for her new documentary, Miss Americana, sporting the pet carrier getting off a private plane. You can see her kitty Olivia Benson along for the ride resting comfortably on Taylor’s back. Your loved one will feel like a superstar sporting the fashionable Leather Cat Backpack. The hard shell also works great for strapping this style into a car as a car seat.
$94.99 on YourCatBackpack.com

best Valentine's Day gift ideas

Crown and Paw Renaissance Pet Portraits

Express your love, adoration, and maybe obsessiveness of your pet with a one-of-a-kind renaissance portrait. Crown and Paw curates authentic 19th Century portraits and rare Renaissance-era oil paintings, then digitally combines them with your pet photo. So you end up with an incredible life-like work of art. Just choose a costume, upload a photo and Crown and Paw does the rest. The artists capture your pet’s individual characteristics and facial features to express their unique personality. The hardest part is choosing where you’re going to hang this custom print.
$49.95 on crownandpaw.com

valentines day dog gifts

Keep your Pet Safe with Huan Smart Tags

Give your Valentine piece of mind that their furry friend will always be safe with Huan Smart Tags. Think of it like Waze for dogs and cats. Huan Tags are little Bluetooth transmitters that can be detected with any smartphone with the Huan App installed – creating a virtual network that finds missing pets automatically! As soon as your missing pet passes by another Huan user or a Huan Sensor, you will be notified and see their location on the map. Choose from an array of colors and shapes to match your partner and pet’s style.
$2.99/month on gethuan.com

Hurry because these 5 best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Pet Owners won’t last!

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