5 Natural and Safe Dog Chew Toys

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Dogs, especially puppies, are known for chewing on almost anything. Unfortunately, if they are bored and don’t have any chew toys, they may select your best pair of shoes to rip apart. However, many things are safe for them to gnaw on, including these natural chews.

Marrow bones are great natural dog chew toys

The marrow bones from a cow are thick, hard and are nutritious for a dog to chew. Along with helping to get rid of plaque on their teeth, the marrow of the bone contains calcium, vitamins, and minerals that a dog needs in his or her diet.

However, it should be given as a raw treat, and once the marrow is gone, the bone needs to be thrown out. As it dries out, the bone gets harder, which can end up fracturing or breaking teeth. Do not give a dog cooked bones as they are softer can be a choking hazard.

Carrots are healthy to chew on

While not every dog will take to chewing on carrots, many dogs love them. Also, if you have a puppy that is teething, put a carrot in the freezer before giving it to the dog. The cold will ease the discomfort of teething, and the vegetable is healthy for its diet.

Only provide your dog with regular-size carrots for chewing as the small ones could choke your pet if accidentally swallowed. While carrots don’t last as long as bones do, they are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and important antioxidants.

dog chew toys

Bully sticks are safe chews for dogs

Although Bully Sticks look like rawhide chews, they are not made from animal skins, but from meat. They are made from the penises of cows, sheep, or pigs. They are cooked, rolled, and hardened, so they are safe for dogs to chew.

Dogs love them because they smell better than rawhide chews and they are safer for your pet because they are a natural alternative. Bully sticks for dogs come in several shapes, from straight sticks to braids to pretzels.

Dogs like antlers as chew toys

Deer, elk, or moose antlers are safe for your dog to chew on as well. They come in several sizes, and the animals do not need to die as they shed their antlers every year. The antlers are then gathered, cleaned and sold as natural dog chews.

If you don’t find any antlers while roaming in the wilderness, try to buy them without sharp points on them. The sharp points can be more easily bitten off by dogs who are strong chewers. Antlers are better for larger dogs who are strong chewers as they can be very hard.

Dried fish skins are good choices for dogs

Dried fish skin chews are usually made from salmon or catfish and are very healthy for dogs. They are made from one ingredient, which is the skin, that has been cooked to eliminate parasites or any bacteria that could harm your canine companion.

They are safe for your dog and provide them with lean protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Fish skins can be smellier than other dog treats, so consider that before buying them.

By providing your dog with healthy, natural chews, they can seek comfort in chewing when feeling stressed, need a tasty snack, and they will be less likely to chew on things they shouldn’t.