Millions of people make a few New Year’s resolutions each year. Did you? How are you doing? Have you fallen off the wagon? Well have no fear, it’s completely normal to fall off the New Year’s resolutions wagon. Keep trying and don’t quit. I wrote a separate blog post about My Life Changing Resolutions, however, this post is all about 10 ideas to try with your pet before the year is over. Are you ready for a challenge? Looking to incorporate fun in your life? In no particular order, here are 10 activates you must try with your pet this year.

1.    Take a hotel weekend getaway at a pet-friendly hotel

Life is stressful, and sometimes you need to take a short trip and get away. A great option is to take a weekend getaway and stay at a pet-friendly hotel. Spending time in a different environment can help you take your mind off of your daily life. It will also be a new adventure for your pet to experience. You can do this together. Research pet-friendly hotels and book that getaway!

2.    Have a photo shoot with your pet

This is a nice option to try, especially around the holidays. What a great idea to take pictures with your pet. You can make this a whole family affair and incorporate nice attire or even costumes to fit the occasion. You will not only preserve the memories you have but you can also have seasonal greeting cards made from the photos to share with friends and extended family members.

Pet Photoshoot

3.    Attend an outdoor music concert

If you are a music fan and enjoy the outdoors, try attending an outdoor music concert and bring along your furry friend. Listening to music is a great way to unwind and have a good time. Being outdoors will be fun for your pet and also attract attention. Be prepared for people to approach you and talk about your adorable concert buddy.

4.    Go to the park or take a hike

If loud music isn’t your thing, feel free to go to a nearby park and have lunch. Or if you prefer to not eat outside in the grass, feel free to try a nice hike in the woods. Hiking is a great way to not only be outside but also get in your physical activity at a steady pace. Fresh air and exercise is not only good for you but also good for your pet’s health too.

5.    Take a road trip

If you have been hoping to travel to a town on the outskirts of your hometown but just haven’t gotten around to it, try committing to it this year and bring your pet along for the ride.  Plan your route ahead of time and bring plenty of food and water to keep your pet hydrated on the trip. Don’t forget to bring a camera to document the trip and capture the memories.

Dog Road Trip

6.    Watch a TV show or the Animal Planet channel

You may already do this activity with your pet however if you are a new pet owner with a puppy or kitten, try watching animal-related TV with your furry friend. Around Super Bowl time (Jan/Feb), the Animal Planet channel has the Kitten/Puppy Bowl which features young pups and kittens playing around on a football-themed enclosure. If football is not quite your thing, choose a different TV program. There are several I like to enjoy such as; My Cat from Hell with Jackson Galaxy or Pitbulls and Paroles. Your pet will be intrigued by the other pets they see on the screen and you can spend time with your pet while potentially learning something new. It’s a great way to spend some low-key quality time together.

7.    Recharge and take an afternoon nap

Speaking of low-key, take time to recharge and snuggle up with your pet for an afternoon nap. If you are concerned about excessive fur on the bed or couch, use a spare blanket or pet cover. You can cuddle with your pet and take a short cat nap and recharge for your next activity.

8.    Pamper yourself and your pet

Treat yourself well and take time to pamper yourself once in a while. Take the day to spoil yourself and your pet with grooming treatments. Take your cat or dog to the groomers for a wash, blowout, and trim. While they are at the groomers, treat yourself to a manicure/pedicure or even a short massage at a spa. Once you are done, you can stop by and pick up your pet on the way home. Both you and your furry best friend will end the day refreshed, looking and feeling great.

Dog Bike Ride

9.    Bike ride together

Another activity you can try together is the old pastime of bike riding. You can take your bike to a local park or if you are near a big city like me, you can rent bikes and go riding in Central Park. If you have a larger dog, you can keep them close with the leash and ride at an appropriate speed that is comfortable for you and easy for your dog to keep pace. Or if you want to bring your cat or tiny pup along, you can bring your cat in a carrier that will be able to fit in a basket on the front of the bike or can be strapped in the back. Either way, taking your pets on a bike ride trip is a fun new way to try something new together.

10. Get dressed up for the holidays (Halloween/Christmas/New Year’s)

Ending the year with a costume party or dressing up for Halloween is always fun. This year, make it a goal to incorporate your pet(s) in the festivities. After all, they will be sharing these fun festive memories with you too. Have fun choosing your costumes and wearing them outside. Go trick or treating door to door and see how many compliments your pet will get. If you skip Halloween, get dressed up for Christmas and New Year’s. Get all decked out in your finest attire. Take pictures so you can remember the special holiday memories. By the time the season is over, you will have some fun pictures and memories to last a lifetime.