It can sometimes be easy to forget that what we see isn’t the full picture. This infographic from GAP takes you through how some of our animal friends see the world. Some people are of the belief that dogs are colour blind but this is not true at all. They can detect a wide range of colours just not quite as many as humans. They have fewer colour detecting cells but still have a decent range of colour. And have better peripheral vision than we do. Cats have similar vision to dogs but generally slightly worse.

It’s also interesting to look at animals that can see at higher frequencies than humans. Many birds can see ultraviolet light as well as a much wider range of colours. Birds have incredible eyesight and see so much that we can’t.

Another interesting one is sharks as even though they can’t see in colour, they still have an amazing ability to see clearly under water. They see 10 times better than humans in dark and murky. Check out the infographic for more information:

Animal Sight Infographic