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Every dog needs to play and run to develop its motor skills. Public dog parks were created to be a community space where your dog can play, and neighbors can socialize. However, due to its accessibility to the public, dog parks can become very crowded real fast. It would be pretty amazing if you can recreate the same thing in your own backyard. You can find yourself designing a fresh new space for your four-legged furry friends and have a private park as well.

Step-by-step directions to build a dog park

Here are some simple tips to build a dog park at your own backyard:

dog park

  1. Plan the space and layout

First and foremost, consider the space and layout of your backyard. It should be big enough to accommodate the dog park that you want. Here are some considerations in planning the layout of your dog park:

  • The dog park shouldn’t be too near to your grilling area of the backyard
  • It shouldn’t be too far that you can’t keep an eye on your furry friends when you’re inside
  • Your backyard must also be big enough to offer room for a game of fetch in your own dog park
  • Think about the dog park’s space from your dog’s point of view
  1.   Think about which amenities to include

To build a beautiful dog park in your own backyard, it must be safe, fun, and comfortable for your dog. You might notice that you will need a lot of dog park supplies to build the amenities. It would be a good way to let your dogs relax and have fun. With this in mind, you might want to include a few amenities for your dog to enjoy such as:

  • A dog house where your dog can sleep and escape the sun
  • An outdoor dog bed for your dog to lounge in
  • A water feature where your dog can keep cool and splash around
  • A path made of smooth stones, bricks, or concrete for your dog to comfortably walk around on
  • A designated cleanup station
  • Obstacle course
  • A designated space for digging, which can be in the form of a sandbox
  • A water bowl with cool, clean water to hydrate your dog
  1.   Put hygiene at the top of your list

A dog park should be clean. You should put a designated area for the dogs to clear their internal waste. Keep their preference in mind and create the dog park’s restroom area to meet your dog’s needs. When creating this area, you have to consider:

  • Your dog’s preference to urinate on grass or on gravel
  • Consider artificial grass since it is easier to clean in comparison to natural grass
  • If ever you want to design the area, you can also buy custom fire hydrants at pet stores
  1.   Keep the space safe for your dogs

When creating a dog park in your own backyard, it is important to consider what to put in and what to remove. Here are some things that you have to check to avoid harming your dogs:

  • Avoid areas where you may spray toxic pesticides or herbicides 
  • Keep your dog park away from toxic plants and flowers and those with thorns or sharp edges
  • Avoid cluttering the area to prevent accidents
  • Put up a fence to make sure your dog does not get lost.

As the design is important, it is vital to make sure that your decorations and the custom-made dog park is safe for your dog. Following these tips, you can make sure that your dog will have an enjoyable time in the dog park.

When it comes to building a dog park in your own backyard, it comes down to two things which are your dog’s safety and preference. A dog park must meet the needs of your dogs and be safe for them as well. If you follow the tips above, you can create a dog park that will surely impress your four-legged furry friends.

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