39 Christmas Safety Tips for Pets Owners [Infographic]

christmas safety tips for pets

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The holiday season is upon us. Are you wondering what to gift your four-legged friend? Well, how about a custom-made pet lookalike plush? It would be a special gift that not only your dog would love to sniff, but your entire family will love your pet’s twin! But the best gift for your pet would be to make sure he has a safe Christmas – so we’ve put together some Christmas safety tips for pets.

With a hectic schedule during Christmas and New Year’s, it can be difficult for you to notice what your canine is up to. You may never know when he swallowed a small decoration or tore up the presents under the tree or ran out of the house and got himself frostbite! Pet parents need to be especially diligent during the holidays. Decorating the house with holly and mistletoe are common, however, these can prove fatal for pets. Even plants like amaryllis and daffodils are toxic for pets.

There are several things to consider for pet parents to have a safe and pet-friendly Christmas which you can check out in this detailed infographic, which has 39 tips listed out for pet parents. Celebrate a safe Christmas this year and keep your dog secure.

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