Pawsome Dog Gift Ideas For Dog Owners

Dog Gift Ideas For Dog Owners

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If you love your dog as your friend, then it is a great idea to get him or her a gift occasionally. Gifts are an excellent way to express love. When someone gives you a gift, it sends the message that you love and care about them. You feel appreciated. Your dog is not any different. They also want a treat, so here are some dog gift ideas for dog owners.

Dog Gift Ideas For Dog Owners 1Dog gift ideas

1- GPS Pet Tracker

GPS technology has become the latest fad. What better way to track your dog than with a GPS tracker? By connecting it to an App on your phone, you can pinpoint the exact location of your dog. Not only is the GPS tracker used for security purposes, but also you can get some tags that look good on your dog.  The Tagg GPA is an excellent choice.

2 – Meat treats

Most dogs love meat. You can offer your dog some liver treats when they have been on their best behavior. This will not only make them smile, but it trains them to associate good behavior with treats.

3 – Dog Shampoo

Cleaning your dog leaves it smelling nice while eliminating any ticks and fleas. Cleaning your dog is the right time for you to bond by spending some quality time together. There are various shampoo products available online; select one that is gentle to your dog’s skin. If you like to camp, lather up your dog and let him jump into the lake or stream for a clean bath.

Dog Gift Ideas For Dog Owners 2

4 – Collars

This is perhaps the most popular of our dog gift ideas for dog owners to give. Collars come in all styles; you can even have one with your name engraved on it. Find a collar that fits your dog comfortably. If the collar is too tight, it could cause your dog to be anxious all the time. Equally important is to get a collar that is water resistant – comes in handy on rainy days or during outdoor activities.

5 – Dog Blanket

The reason you will find your dog snuggling near you is that they like being cozy. A dog blanket is one item that will make your dog sleep better. Search for a blanket with anti-bacterial properties. However, clean the blanket frequently, since dogs often spend time outside, and they can transfer fleas to the blanket.

6 – Auto refill bowls

When your dog is outside, you may forget to refill its bowl. But now there are auto fill dog bowls available. It can easily be attached to the wall as well as your garden hose. Once the water goes below the fill line, the bowl will automatically refill. This enables your dog to have the most fun outside without necessarily coming into the house. It is also easy to drain and clean. 

7 – PetCubePlay

You may have heard of this toy. It is has become very popular as the number one pet camera. It enables you to see, talk and interact with your pet from the comfort of your smartphone. The latest toy in the franchise is the PetCubePlay. It comes with a 1080p HD video camera that enables you to interact with your pet even during the night. Additional features include the ability to record your pet for up to 10 to 30 days on the cloud. The PetCubePlay is available for both iOS and Android.

8 – CleverPet

Another cool toy you can buy for your pet is CleverPet. This is a toy that gives your puppy food when it engages in certain games. First, you will need to fill up your Cleverpet with treats and then you can let it do the rest. To get your dog’s attention, the toy will dispense treats for free. As the dog starts associating the toy with treats, it will switch on the touch button. Your dog will need to get used to the sequence for food to be released. The most significant benefit with this toy is that it keeps the dog occupied when you are not around. As long as you have filled your CleverPet toy with treats, your dog will have fun while you’re away.

9 – iFetch

If you are still looking for something to keep your dog busy, then the iFetch makes for an awesome gift. Dogs love playing with balls, and the iFetch launches tennis balls on its own. This is the perfect gift for both indoor and outdoor activities. It can launch the balls to heights of up to 40 feet and is suitable for both medium and large sized dogs. The dogs often have a great time trying to predict where the ball will fall next. The miniature balls are 1.5 inches.

10 – Dog balancer stake

This is another excellent gift for outdoor activities. The dog balance stake has your favorite dog toys on one side, with fun pup on the other side. The balancer works well when the wind blows as the balance tilts. Made from metal, the balancer stands at the height of 43 inches.

11 – Tuffy indestructible dog toy

Dogs have very powerful teeth, and it can be frustrating purchasing your dog a toy only for it to chew it to pieces. Tuffy dino toys are made from non-toxic fibers, but it is strong enough to handle bites from big dogs. This toy will last a lifetime and is a perfect Christmas dog gift ideas for dog owners.

12 – Tikr

This is an awesome gift for your pet when you want to keep your dog busy, as you give them treats. You can place their favorite snack inside the toy and then set a timer. After 10 to 45 minutes the toy will release a snack; your dog will then get used to the toy because it expects a reward from the item. Your dog will his new Tikr toy.

Gifts for the dog lover

1 – Embark

Are you confused about your dog’s breed? Embark will help you learn more about your dog’s genetics. It provides accurate information when it comes to the dog’s trait, ancestry information, and genes. The Embark does wonders when it comes to identifying dog diseases; it can accurately detect over 160 canine diseases including degenerative myelopathy, MDR1, PRA blindness, dilated cardiomyopathy, among others. You can connect the toy to an app, and this enables you to store important information.

Dog Gift Ideas For Dog Owners 3

2 – Petsies

Get a plush version of your dog, your pet will love its lookalike and so will you! With the use of airbrushed details, Petsies stuffed animals personalize all the features of your dog from their ears to their tail. All you need is a couple of pictures and within a few weeks, you will be displaying your plush pet for everyone to admire. Order your Petsie today so you can fall in love with your pet all over again.

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3 – Waggables

You may not believe that your dog could get cuter but wait until you turn them into a ball of plush fun! Waggables can turn your dog into an adorable ball version that allows you to customize features, and even add your pet’s name or a funny saying to the belly! Customizing your Waggable will be a fun experience you won’t want to miss out on. 


Gifts are not for humans alone; your dog loves getting gifts and it also increases your bond. Some of the gifts mentioned above help your dog play while you relax. They make the perfect gifts for this holdiay season. Some gifts are not only fun to play with, but they also enhance the security of your dog. It never hurts to get something for yourself that shows your love for your pet as well. 


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