Pawsome Dog Gift Ideas For Dog Owners

Dog Gift Ideas For Dog Owners

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It’s the season of giving and many people love including their dogs in their holiday festivities. Whether you’re looking for the best gift for your dog-obsessed loved one, or you want to put something under the tree for your pooch, we have the best dog gift ideas you can find for the holidays. 

Gifts for the Dog Lover

Dog Gift Ideas For Dog Owners 3

Petsies Custom Stuffed Animals of Your Pet

What’s better than one dog? Two dogs (especially if that second dog doesn’t require food or walking!) Dog owners will love this plush version of their dog, and pup will love its lookalike! Petsies are custom stuffed animals of your pet. They include all the features of your dog from their ears to their tail thanks to their designers’ airbrushing techniques. All you need is a couple of pictures for the artists to work off of. Your pet-obsessed loved one will love displaying their pet’s doppelganger for everyone to admire. This holiday gift will have any dog parent falling in love with their pet all over again.
Purchase on, $199

Dog Gift Ideas For Dog Owners

Fashion-Forward Poop Bag Holder from SHAYA

Make a fashion statement on your daily walk! SHAYA modernized the poop bag holder! Their clean-up purse matches the style of their popular SHAYA Carriers. Attach it to your bag, a leash, or keys for a life on the go. Now even the worst part of walking your dog can be done in true fashion. Plus, you’ll be supporting a small, female-founded company that gives back to Disco’s Dogs, a non-profit that’s committed to matching service dogs with children from underprivileged homes and disabilities.
Purchase on, $135

custom pet pillows

Personalized Petsies Pillows of Your Dog

Snuggle with your dog no matter where you go with Petsies Pillows. They’re super soft and huggable. They’re easy to make too! The hardest part is finding just one photo to upload and then Petsies prints it directly onto the front and back of the custom-shaped pillow. You can choose from three different sizes for this affordable custom gift option for all the dog lovers in your life.
Purchase on, Starting at $49

gift for pet owner

Freshen Your Home with Pet House Candles

Candles are popular holiday gifts and if you’re looking to give one to a pet owner, you want to make sure it will get rid of any unpleasant animal odor. Pet House Candles are made from 100% soy wax and freshen any pet home. There are more than 40 fragrances to choose from to find the perfect smell for the special pet parent on your list. The Pumpkin Spice is a warm and spicy holiday favorite with a blend of pumpkin, cinnamon sugar, maple butter, and vanilla bean.
Purchase on, $21.95

Add some bark to your baking with these adorable paw print embossed rolling pins from Embossed Co. They’re perfect for making cookies, pies, pasta, or even doggie treats. They are made from 100% pure beech wood, are food-safe, and BPA-free. Embossed Co. also donates 15% of their profit to non-profit organizations that work to supply healthy meals to malnourished families in developing countries.
Purchase on, $34.50

gifts for pets

Socks Featuring Your Pet

Socks are a staple stocking stuffer, but there’s nothing ordinary about Petsies new custom socks that feature your pet! Your dog-obsessed friends and family members will adore sporting their favorite furry friend on these stylish socks. There are so many fun designs to choose from like pizza, hipster, or even make your pet a unicorn!
Purchase on, $25

custom face mask

Face Mask Featuring Your Adorable Doggie

It appears that face mask requirements are likely going to be around for a little bit longer, making them a great stocking stuffer for 2020. The good news is now you can show off your dog’s adorable face while keeping yourself and others safe. Petsies reusable custom face masks are great gifts for any pet lover on your list because they have adjustable straps and so many different designs to choose from.
Purchase on, $19.95

Find Out Your Dog’s DNA with Embark

Do you want to find out the exact breed of your dog? Embark will help you learn more about your dog’s genetics. It can provide information about your furry friend’s ancestry, traits, and genes. Embark can also detect more than 160 canine diseases. This is a great gift for dog owners who have rescued their pooch and want to find out more about him.
Purchase on, on sale for $169

Dog Gift Ideas For Dog Owners

KONG® x Rover Fun Together Box is Perfect for a Dog and His Owner

You and your pup can have fun together with this limited edition box brought to you by KONG® and the Rover Store. It features toys and treats from KONG for your dog and some fun human goodies too—including a coloring sheet and pencils, vintage-style key chain, and travel hand sanitizer. This is the perfect gift to give the dog lovers on your holiday list that they can share with their pooch.
Purchase on, $60 value for $39.95

Dog Gift Ideas

Dog Gift Ideas For Dog Owners

Give Your Dog A Safe Snack with Bully Buddy

Dogs deserve a treat they’ll love and that’s safe. It’s estimated that more than half a million dogs each year choke on or swallow something that’s too big for them to digest. Dogs and dog owners love bully sticks because they are natural, healthy, and stimulate your pet. But there’s also a risk of the dog choking on the end of the treat. That’s where Bully Buddy comes in. It attaches to the bully stick so dogs can’t swallow the end of the treat. The Bully Buddy Starter Kit has everything your dog needs including the toy, bully sticks, and a jar to keep the treats fresh.
Purchase Starter Kit on, $40.95
Dog Gift Ideas For Dog Owners

Stay Stress-Free This Holiday Season with Receptra CBD

Keep your pets calm during the holiday chaos with CBD from Receptra. Dogs can become excited and anxious when they’re around people their unfamiliar with, traveling, or the loud fireworks on New Year’s Eve. CBD for pets is also great for aging dogs and promotes mobility and a calm focus.
Purchase on, Prices vary

gifts for dog ownersWhite Paws Parady Dog Toy

Ain’t no laws when you’re playing with white paws! This parody dog toy is the perfect gift for dog owners who are huge fans of the popular hard seltzer. The White Paw Hound Seltzer Variety Pack comes with three squeaking fun toys. Which will your pooch love best, Waggermelon, Barkin Berry, or Muttlennial Mango?
Purchase on, $49

gifts for pet lovers

Rocco and Roxie Ultimate Dog Box

The Ultimate Dog Box from Rocco and Roxie is the perfect gift for new pup parents to spoil their furry friends! This box contains a curated selection of their best toys, treats, and other pet essentials you need to start your new relationship off right. It has everything your new pet wants and their human needs all in one easy-to-wrap box that everyone is going to love opening Christmas Day.
Purchase on, $65.97

When someone gives you a gift, it sends the message that you love and care about them. Your dog isn’t any different. There are so many Dog Gift Ideas For Dog Owners to choose from. Your favorite four-legged friends will love that you included them in the holidays too. But make sure you order soon. More people will be shopping online this year, so there could be a delay in delivery if you wait to order. Do you still need some gift ideas this holiday season?

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