Pawsome Dog Gift Ideas For Dog Owners

Dog Gift Ideas For Dog Owners

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It’s the season of giving and many people love including their dogs in their holiday gift-giving. When someone gives you a gift, it sends the message that you love and care about them. Your dog isn’t any different. So here are some gift ideas your favorite four-legged friends will love and some great options for dog owners too.

Dog Gift Ideas

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Rocco and Roxie Ultimate Dog Box

The Ultimate Dog Box from Rocco and Roxie is the perfect gift for new pup parents to spoil their furry friends! This box contains a curated selection of their best toys, treats and other pet essentials you need to start your new relationship off right. It has everything your new pet wants and their human needs all in one easy-to-wrap box that everyone is going to love opening Christmas Day.
Purchase on, $65.97

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I’m Adopted Dog Toy

There’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than celebrating pet adoption! These ‘Adopted’ dog toys from Best Friends Animal Society hit all the right squeaky notes. They’re made for light chewers and come in two different sizes. Best of all, 100% of proceeds from sales help to save the lives of homeless pets.
Purchase on, Starting at $12

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Personalized Dog Collars

Dog collars are perhaps the most popular dog gift ideas for dog owners to give their pups. There are so many different styles and colors to choose from. Petsies makes a personalized dog collar so you can display your pet’s name with dazzling rhinestones. They come in three different colors and will really show off your dog’s star quality. They’re the perfect gift for small dogs who love to accessorize!
Purchase on, On sale for $19.95

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Charlee Bear Dog Treats

You can’t go wrong with giving tasty treats to your dog for Christmas! The new Bearnola Bites from Charlee Bear are everything they’re baked up to be, and perfectly sized for training or just for fun. They’re crafted with real oats, honey and vanilla and are made without soy, corn, artificial flavors or preservatives. Each crunchy cluster is made in the USA and bursting with irresistible aroma and taste. This holiday seaon, treat your pup to festive flavors like Cranberry Cobbler and Pumpkin Spice for a season they won’t soon forget.
Purchase on, Prices Vary

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Kibble Pet Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

Treat your pup to human salon quality grooming products! The Kibble Pet Shampoo has been designed to naturally cleanse restore and fortify your pup’s lustrous coat using a combination of ingredients such as organic coconut oil, organic aloe vera and argan oil. While the Conditioner moisturizes, softens and enhances the coat’s natural shine and glow using a combination of organic coconut oil, organic sesame seed oil and argan oil.
Purchase on, Starting at $22

Gifts for the Dog Lover

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Petsies Custom Stuffed Animals of Your Pet

There’s nothing better than one dog, than two! Get a plush version of your dog, your pet will love its lookalike and so will you! Petsies custom stuffed animals personalize all the features of your dog from their ears to their tail thanks to their designers’ airbrushing techniques. All you need is a couple of pictures and within a few weeks, you will be displaying your pet lookalike for everyone to admire. This holiday gift will have you falling in love with your pet all over again.
Purchase on, $199

custom gifts for dog lovers

Sweater Hound Blankets of Your Dog

Sweater Hound creates custom one-of-a-kind blankets for dog lovers. Every part of the process is customized for you and your furry friend. Each picture is hand drawn and sent to you for review before production and is made from recycled cotton and knitted in New York City. There are several different styles and colors to choose from. These custom blankets will keep you super warm all winter long.
Purchase on, $120

custom pet jewelry

Custom Dog Jewelry from Auburn Jewelry

Show how much of a dog lover you are by wearing your pooch’s paw print or silhouette every day! Auburn Jewelry handcrafts custom sterling silver and enamel pendants, cufflinks and keychains. Send over an image of your furbaby and Auburn Jewelry can turn it into a wearable piece of art. They also make wonderful gifts to remember and honor a past pet.
Purchase on, Starting at $85

custom pet pillows

Personalized Petsies Pillows of Your Dog

Snuggle with your dog no matter where you go with these brand new Petsies Pillows. They’re super soft and huggable. They’re easy to make too! Just upload your favorite photo of your dog and Petsies prints it directly onto the front and back of the custom-shaped pillow. You can choose from three different sizes for this affordable custom gift option for all the dog lovers in your life.
Purchase on, Starting at $49

Find Out Your Dog’s DNA with Embark

Do you want to find out the exact breed of your dog? Embark will help you learn more about your dog’s genetics. It can provide information about your furry friend’s ancestry, traits, and genes. Embark can also detect more than 160 canine diseases. This is a great gift for dog owners who have rescued their pooch and want to find out more about him.
Purchase on, $199

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