Are Dog Health Supplements Safe to Give My Pet?

Dog Health Supplements

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Many people wonder if dog health supplements are safe to give their pets. Some people believe they have the potential to help, particularly those dogs that are raised in a controlled environment. Most pet dogs are now raised in a confined environment where their owner monitors everything, including their food, water intake, and exercise. Most dogs raised in this type of environment do not eat cleanse medicinal herbs like dogs in the wild. Researchers continue to explore the beneficial role that certain herbs and natural supplements can play in treating or attempting to prevent different ailments in animals.

Dog Health Supplements

Picking the Right Dog Health Supplements

There are three items in a pet safety supplement that you should search for:

  1. It should be free from artificial flavors, colors, or other additives.
  2. It should contain extractions of potent herbs. Such as Huang qi, mistletoe, echinacea, ashwagandha, and thistle milk.
  3. It must be manufactured under the supervision of trained pharmacists in a GMP-compliant laboratory.

Supplements are made to help specific health concerns, such as a weakened immune system, infection, skin conditions, etc. Before giving any supplements to your pet, you need to talk with your veterinarian. 

Why You Should Give Your Dog Health Supplements

There is one crucial thing about pet supplements that you should understand. Generally, dogs do not require any dietary supplements. Naturally, dogs have a built-in system to clean their bodies and remain healthy. Experts say that’s why wild dogs eat certain herbs and other medicinal plants. For them, this is a healthy way of keeping the toxins out of their bodies. However, domesticated dogs are different. There are three things that distinguish domesticated dogs from wild dogs. Domesticated dogs don’t eat untreated or raw food. They generally eat processed food. Domesticated dogs do not eat herbs and other natural substances that can enhance their immune system. Most domesticated dogs lack frequent exercise. 

This is the reason why some experts believe your dog may not be as healthy as those wild dogs. To improve the fitness of your dog’s health, some experts believe you should do these three things:

  1. Give your dog a healthy diet that meets the highest AAFCO requirement. That nutritional adequacy must be confirmed by animal feeding studies based on guidelines from the American Food Control Officers Association. Avoid AAFCO labels developed at a lower standard, which states that the “food was formulated to meet the nutrient profiles of the population.”
  2. Ask your vet about giving a regular dose of the best dog supplement for dry skin to your dog. These supplements can clean the body of your dog, flush out toxins, and enhance the functioning of essential organs. 
  3. Play with your dog, take it out for a walk, or do something that will keep your dog physically involved. Animals’ physical activity is essential. Lack of physical activity will weaken your dog and be vulnerable to health issues. 

Health Supplements for Pets

As you can see, a combination of a healthy diet, high-quality pet supplement, and physical exercise can make your dog’s health a world of healthy. Although you may see a lot of change in your dog’s health in a short time, supplements are also supposed to be given regularly. 

Always consult your pet’s vet to help choose the best health supplement, and follow all directions as part of a routine for a happy and healthy dog.

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