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Various veterinary surveys have revealed over a significant period of time that half of the dogs in the world are overweight. It clearly indicates that the majority of our four-legged friends are at the risk of getting crippling arthritis, catastrophic kidneys, high blood pressure, heart disease, and other diseases. If you are a pet owner and your pet has become super-sized, then you can take some effective strides to get your dog losing weight. Here are some weight-reducing ideas for dogs.

Measure the calories

You must first know how many calories your pet needs every day. If you aren’t aware of that then you will never understand how much you should feed your dog. You might think that the feeding guides on the bags of dog food are enough. But, you should keep in mind that such guides are for adult, un-spayed, and un-neutered active dogs. If you are feeding the same to an older, spayed or neutered dog then it stands to 20% to 30% more calorie intake for your pet. You should always ask your veterinarian to calculate the right number of calories that your pet needs. There’s also a simple formula through which you can do the same: [(Your pet’s weight/2.2) x 30] + 70

dog losing weight

Keep a track of your pet’s meals

A measuring cup is a must for any pet owner to ensure your animal is eating right. It’s easy to simply keep filling the feeding bowl of your pet. But, the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention, has conducted multiple studies which say that if a pet consumes as little as just 10 extra small nibbles of food every day then it can increase up to one pound of pet’s weight. So, make it a point to notice how many meals your pet is eating per day. Premium online stores can guide you to buy the right dog food meals easily.

Feed fresh and vital veggies

The store-bought dog foods are undoubtedly helpful for your pet but it is always recommended to go natural as much as you can. Get your pet to eat some fresh veggies like baby carrots, celery, broccoli, or a few slices of apples. These naturally healthy foods can help dogs lose weight without any side-effects. But, one thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t feed one complete sugary fruit (apple or banana) to your dog. An excessive amount of sugar content is not good for dogs.

Opt for pet’s health supplements

There are some amazing supplements on the market which can keep your pet slim and trim. A daily dose of the omega-3 supplement is one that many experts suggest you include in your pet’s diet. These supplements are not only great antioxidants and can prevent various diseases, and can also perhaps boost up weight loss in pets. So, add some good supplements in your pet’s diet to let it maintain a normal weight. Always ask your veterinarian before adding supplements to their diet.

Reduce carbohydrate intake

Your pet dog definitely doesn’t need a high-carb diet. But, we often end up feeding nothing but that to our pets. It has been noticed that in many pet diets, more than 60% carbohydrate is present. You should avoid maintaining such diet plans for your pet. Rather, try for a balanced amount of protein and carbohydrate in the dog food that you offer. It will help your pet dog lose weight. It is recommended that you check with your veterinarian regarding the specific percentage of carbohydrate that your dog needs.

If you follow these tricks and you will be able to help your dog to remain trim. Our pets are like us and just like how we need, they too require a proper diet and healthy habits to maintain healthy body weight.

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