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Cats are a curious combination of intelligence, playfulness and an uncanny ability to surprise anybody at any given time. They make great family pets. Thankfully, cats usually lead a very healthy lifestyle. If you’re planning on adopting a feline in the near future, here are some tips that will ensure you have a healthy cat for life.

healthy cat

Cats are more carnivorous than dogs

While both dogs and cats are primarily carnivorous, all felines are more carnivorous biologically than dogs. This means that meat is an essential part of a cat’s daily diet. Even one day of meals without an adequate supply of animal protein can be detrimental to a cat’s health. A dog, on the other hand, can stay on a mostly vegan diet for slightly longer. Over an extended period of time though, it will cause malnutrition in dogs as well. On that note, check the following pointers that should help you understand how you need to manage your kitty’s need for animal protein:

  • At least one main meal of your cat’s day should consist mostly of meat.
  • Dry cat food is almost always rich in carbs, rather than proteins, so they may not be suitable for your cat in large quantities.
  • Cats should not be fed dog food and vice-versa.
  • Any meat, including beef, pork, fish, and chicken will suffice as the main meal of the day.
  • Never try to turn your cat vegan.

Wet food is essential for a healthy cat

It can be confusing on what to feed your cat. There are a lot of wet and dry options to choose from at pet stores. Some cats are more likely to be overweight on a dry food-only diet due to the higher levels of carbs. Always ask your veterinarian for different food and diet options. To keep your cat from getting dehydrated, keep a fresh supply of water available at multiple locations within the house. Sometimes hydration from your cat’s food sources is not enough. In general, though, cats need less water to survive than dogs. Signs of dehydration include droopy eyes, panting and uncharacteristic lethargy. If you see these symptoms, take your cat to the vet immediately.

Consider getting pet insurance for your cat

Cat owners in the UK have the convenience of getting insurance for pets from providers like everypaw. This is a huge advantage for pet owners, especially during emergencies. Readers in the US are encouraged to take a look at what local insurance providers can offer in terms of coverage.  

While a well-kept cat is generally healthy, regular trips to the vet are necessary. Cats can also fall sick, or get into an unfortunate accident. To prevent your cat’s healthcare bills from draining your bank account, it is recommended you seek out a pet insurance policy at the time when you adopt your kitten or cat.

healthy cat

Spaying and neutering your feline

This is a somewhat debatable topic, but if you are confused about spaying or neutering your cat, here are a few facts to mull over first.

  • Spaying or neutering a cat doesn’t harm your pet.
  • It can improve behavior in toms and mollies.
  • If you choose not to spay or neuter make sure you are able to provide each potential future kitten a good home, so they don’t end up in a high-kill animal shelter.
  • Cats are not affected by a lack of offspring.

healthy cat

Introducing a cat to a dog

A good number of kittens and even grown cats are killed by dogs every year, which can be a result of the owner’s negligence. It is important to understand that domestic cats are natural prey animals for large dogs. So unless you know how your animals interact together, it isn’t a good idea to leave a cat alone with a dog. The good news is that dogs and cats can get along nicely. But always make sure the pets get along before leaving them together alone for any amount of time.

Brush your cat’s fur regularly

Grooming your pet is very important. Dogs need regular baths and cats need to be brushed regularly. It’s important for pet owners to realize that regular brushing is like a bath for cats. But remember, an actual bath is also necessary for your cat every once in a while, even if your cat will probably hate it! Brushing your cat daily will help with the following:

  • It gets rid of excess fur, which could end up as hairballs in your cat’s stomach. Cats can handle a few hairballs of course, but too many can cause health problems.
  • Brushing long-furred cats prevents matting, which can be a painful situation for your cat.
  • It cleans their fur from dust and debris making their coats shine.
  • Brushing also allows the natural oil secreted by a cat’s skin to be spread evenly on their hair.

Cats need toys

Cats can play for hours with something as simple as a ball of string, a tennis ball or just about anything else that they can move around or chew on. Be sure to provide your cat with lots of toys to play with during the day. Playing with toys helps keep your cat active. Toys also help to combat boredom and depression when you are not around.

It is important to understand that all pets have certain needs that are the responsibility of the pet’s owner. A loving and responsible pet owner will have wonderful memories to cherish forever. Cats are lovely pets and don’t need too much attention. However, it’s important to know that they have a minimum need for love and care. As long as you provide them with that, you will have a happy and healthy cat.

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