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Heading off to college is a huge adjustment for any recent grad. You are finally an adult but at the same time, you may miss the comforts of home, most notably your beloved pet best friend. Young adults may wonder how to combat the loneliness that comes along with moving away.

Regardless of whether you are leaving behind your loved ones, or going to college with a few close friends, starting a new experience takes some adjustment. Try some of these ideas to make friends, explore your new environment, and improve your mentality, so you can make the absolute best of your college experience. Here are some tips to combat those lonely feelings as you make your way into college life.

Get Active at Your New School 

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Get outdoors, join some clubs or Greek life. The more engaged you are in your day-to-day life the less time you will have to think about being lonely. A great part about college is that there is always something going on. Check out an on-campus event, concert or sporting event. There are so many opportunities to look forward to and get involved.

You’re Not Alone Adapting to College Life

First, it’s important to remember that for most students, freshman year of college is lonely. People make everything look easy on social media, but the fact of the matter is college transitions can be really hard. Realize that everyone is in the same boat and you have similar feelings to others trying to adjust to your new environment.

Take a Friend With You to College

Saying goodbye to friends and family is difficult. It’s also hard to leave your family pet behind. What if you could take your dog or cat with you? Even if your dorm doesn’t allow animals (most don’t) Petsies allows you to take a bit of the comfort of home with you with their custom plush stuffed animals.


You can have your pet along for the crazy ride that is college! Petsies can make any animal you can think of, whether you want to make a custom stuffed animal dog, cat, bird, hamster, pig, or even a lizard! Having a Petsie with you to hug and talk to can really help when you are lonely at college. 

Remember that feeling lonely or homesick is a normal part of your college experience. For some, it will be over quickly. Others may have to try harder. Over time, college will become more familiar and you will form new friendships that make it easier. Even though you may feel lonely right now, college will still be some of the best years of your life!