How to Memorialize a Pet

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The pain of losing your pet can seem unbearably painful. It is natural to take some time to remember and grieve your dog. Many families need time to process the loss of this dear family member. You may experience some complicated emotions and that is part of your grieving process. Remember, all of these emotions are completely normal.

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One important thing you and your family will need to consider is how to remember your pet. The memories that you have shared together will live on for a lifetime. Every relationship is unique, and every memorial can serve to properly celebrate the life and happy times with your four-legged friend.

Remember your pet with photos

Find a good photo of your pet and have it beautifully framed and place it where it will bring you the most comfort. With today’s printing technologies, you can create amazing printed bound books that can include captions about your pets.  You can also choose to put your pet’s picture in a photo-display box with some of your pet’s treasures inside the box, such as a collar or tags.

Pick a remembrance spot

You and your family may choose to create a space in your backyard, or the family home, and actually have a spot that your dog loved to go visit. Once you pick a place, you can add a plaque for their cremated remains, a tombstone, or an engraved rock in the garden.  Make sure that you mark your pet’s memory with their name, date, and a memorable saying.

Make a sweet companion

petsies pet stuffed animal Petsies custom stuffed animal

Another wonderful way to remember your furry friend is to memorialize them with a custom stuffed animal that looks like your past pet. The talented designers at Petsies handmake each plush and airbrush any markings to match your pet’s likeness. This is a sweet way for you to feel like your pet is with you long after they have passed away.

Grow together

You can also choose to plant a tree or special plant in your own garden for remembrance. You can watch a tree grow and as it gets taller and stronger, it will remind you of the strength of your bond and the memories you shared with your pet.

Rituals, photos, memorials like these can help along the path of transition and you have to decide which is right for you. Sharing your life with a pet is a beautiful part of life and should be cherished. You can continue to remember your pet long after they have gone and hold onto their memory with a carefully chosen memorialization.

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