Dog in Crate

A crate is almost a must have when taking care of your dog. But it’s not only the pet owner who should understand the importance of crates. Your pet should be trained on a regular basis to get used to life with the crate. It’s not a tough task, but it’s important for the pet owner to know all the tips and tricks.

Here are some of the most effective training tips to get your dog loving its crate and how to get most out of this experience:

How Long to Keep the Dog in the Crate

The length of time that your dog should be in the crate varies based on the season, the dog breed, and the nature of the dog. Generally, there is a basic layout of time distribution. You will need to customize that on the nature of your dog. Here is a basic outline to follow:

  • 8-10 weeks
    Crate Hours: 40-60 minutes per day
  • 11-14 weeks
    Crate Hours: 2-3 hours per day
  • 15-16 weeks
    Crate Hours: 3-5 hours per day
  • 17 weeks and more.
    Crate Hours: 4-5 hours per day

So, let’s move into the core section of this article, the expert tips to let your dog get used to life with the crate:

Ways You Can Train Your Dog to Love the Crate

  1. Keep the Dog Inside as Much as Possible
    You know that your pet won’t stay inside a crate for 5 hours a day from the very beginning. You have to slowly extend the time so your dog won’t really notice.
    Use one of your dog’s favorite toys to encourage him or her to stay inside the crate. Initially, as the dog is inside, you should hang out near the crate. This way, your pet won’t feel lonely inside the crate.
  2. Use Meals as An Attraction
    Your dog won’t deny staying inside for a short while. But to extend this time period, you need to be trickier. You can use the meal time to your advantage. Start to put the food inside the crate whenever it’s time for the dog to eat.
    Try to put meals at the very end of the crate. This way, the dog has to go all the way in and can explore the inside of the crate itself. Each meal should engage him or her in the crate for 20 mins. Clever, isn’t it?
  3. Make the Room Comfortable and Engaging
    What are two things that dogs love doing when they have nothing else to do? Getting into a comfortable space and grabbing their chew toys. Now you can try to replicate this environment with your dog’s crate.
    Prepare a comfortable bed inside the crate. It varies on your dog’s preferences and the season. My pet personally loves a soft little bed made of memory foam.
    Also, bring out some chew or rope toys inside the crate to keep your dog entertained while inside.

What not to do:

1. Never let the dog stay inside the crate for the whole day. He or she will feel suffocated and uncomfortable. Take breaks and walks several times.
2. Don’t use the crate for punishment. Some pet owners do this when the dog does something bad. But in reality, this makes the crate a horrible place for your pet.
3. Don’t lose your patience with the dog. If it takes more time to get used to with the crate, let him or her take their time.

AuthJohnor Bio: John Howes is the founder of Petcareup. 29-year-old, entrepreneur, Pet lover and passionate blogger. He loves to write about pet and helps pet owners to choose the best products for their pet.