Features of a Good Birdhouse – Give a Bird a Home [Infographic]


Seeing birds in the garden is always a good thing, and while we will see birds visit out gardens anyway, there are things you can do to keep them coming back. As outlined in this infographic from Capital Garden Services building a birdhouse will help to attract them to your garden and it’s also a really fun little DIY project.

The key message is that if you are building a birdhouse, you should make it a good one. After all, if you were building a house for yourself you would want it to be well made, and birds expect the same! To make sure it’s well constructed you should use untreated wood and galvanised screws. This will ensure that rain stays out of the birdhouse and that the birds stay dry.

Too absolutely guarantee dry birds you should add a sloped roof; a recessed floor and some drainage holds just in case water does get in to the birdhouse.

You will also need to ensure that you protect the birdhouse from predators and a stovepipe is generally considered the most effective addition to a birdhouse. Check out the full infographic now for more information on birdhouses and how you can attract birds to your garden.




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