7 Things You Are Doing That’s Not Playing Well with Your Dog

Dog Play

Dogs go out of their way to please us, but we often forget to return the favor. There are tons of human things we do that end up making them uncomfortable. While we often do these things in good humor or to show love, they can inadvertently cause mental and physical stress to canines. Now, because your furry friends cannot tell you out loud what’s bothering them, it’s best that we lay down the basics. For all the loving doggie parents, here is a list of 7 things you are doing that’s probably irritating your dog.

Shouting in the House

Even though dogs love their freedom to bark, they do not appreciate when humans do the same. We know it’s hypocritical, but its little compromise to keep them happy. Whether you are fighting loudly with other family members or yelling at them directly, dogs do not appreciate yelling. When shouted upon, they often end up feeling threatened and some dogs may show their discontent by reacting aggressively.

Not Maintaining a Proper Daily Routine

Dogs are creatures of habit. This is why they expect us, humans, to honor the timings for their daily routine. This means if they get food at a particular time, you should make the effort to remain punctual every day.

Staring at Them Too Long or Too Aggressively

Playing a game of Who Blinks First with your dog is not a good idea. While we understand the stare is harmless, they might perceive it as an act of aggression. What’s worse is that if your dog wins the staring contest, then it automatically thinks that it’s the new alpha.

Not Allowing Them to Smell Things When Outside

Not allowing dogs to sniff is much like not allowing a human to see. They have an extremely sensitive set of nostrils, which allows them to perceive the world around them. When sniffing around dogs pick up all sorts of information, including what other dogs are in the neighborhood. Marking and sniffing are natural doggie instincts as it keeps them connected with all the other dogs. Next time you are out for a walk with your dog, let the leash loose and allow it sniff away.

Forcing Them to Socialize with Other Pets They Don’t Like

Dogs are territorial animals. This means they will try to defend their turf if confronted by another animal. This is why forcing dogs to suddenly ‘be friends’ with another dog is not the way to go. The best approach is to introduce the two animals in a neutral setting and reward them for good behavior. Don’t forget to protect your dog and your family at the same time with a reliable flea killer product such as Capstar so you don’t bring home an extra party.

Leaving Them Alone for Too Long

Even when they are sitting around and doing nothing, dogs cherish the time with their human companions. Even in the wild, they prefer to live in packs rather than wandering alone. While it’s often necessary to leave them in the house alone, you need to make sure it’s not for too long. Too much alone time can lead to separation anxiety and behavioral issues.

Exposing Them to Strong Perfumes

When you spray perfume near a dog you subject them to an information overload. It’s much like when you see a blinding light in the middle of darkness. Dogs have a highly sensitive sense of smell and thus exposing them to strong fragrances should be avoided at all times.

Caro Bremer: Forever lover of cats and recent mother, Caro enjoys writing whenever her busy schedule as mother of two allows. Proud member of the ditro.red team, you will find Caro suited for a wide variety of writing projects.