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Considering the way we perceive our pets today, it’s safe to say that we’ve come a long way from the time we owned them simply for protection or hunting. Most pet owners today see them as loyal companions and part of the family, and we want only the best for our loved ones. That’s why we spend more and more money, time, and resources to make our pets happy and healthy. Here are some of the latest trends in pet ownership and care.

Pet apps

We use apps every day for a variety of things, and now we can use them for pets too. For instance, there are dog walking apps that offer pet owners a way to track their dog while it’s being walked. There are also different cameras and treat dispensers available on the market, which allows you to monitor your pet while you’re at work. You can communicate with them and use your phone to release treats. There are also collars that tell you if your dog is getting enough exercise based on its size, breed, gender, and age. These smart gadgets help owners take on a more active role in a pet’s life and health.

Traveling with pets

If you treat your pet as a member of the family, it’s only logical to bring it on a vacation with you. All around the globe, pets are traveling by planes, by trains or overseas, you name it! That’s why an increasing number of hotels, motels, restaurants, and other hospitality services welcome pets. There are even apps that offer directions and information about places that are pet-friendly. Hotels, resorts, and restaurants that don’t want to follow this trend are likely to lose a lot of money when it comes to pet owners.


Spending a lot of money on pets

According to the American Pet Products Association, pet owners spent over $66 billion in 2016 on their pets. The biggest growth is in high-end pet grooming services, and the number is expected to grow even more. Aside from grooming and food, people also spend money on dog training, holistic spa treatments, pet behavioral consultants, pet sitting, and pet photography. There are also unique niche services such as Doga (yoga with pet dogs) and pet psychic mediums that are also getting more and more popular.

Pets as Starter Children

Millennials want to have children, but not before they’re ready for them. Nowadays, more than ever before, young couples are getting pets as a convenient practice for their future role as a parent. As they start their ‘real’ families later, pet parents are doing their best to provide proper care for their furry kid in the meantime. In addition to organic pest repellents, remedies, and toys made of natural materials, millennials choose customized and good-quality nutrition from trusted brands, such as well known puppy food Royal Canin. Responsible and modern pet owners want to purchase the best products in order to maintain and improve the health and well-being of their beloved “babies”.

Pet Insurance

Although this is nothing new, the sales of pet insurance policies have begun to rise in the past few years. Due to the fact that people increasingly treat their pets as family members and take more care of their health and well-being, pets often live longer and require more complex and expensive medical care. Also, veterinary technologies have greatly advanced, which means that medical care has become more costly. If you choose to get your pet insured, there are certain things you must consider: your pet’s age, breed, veterinary cost inflation, and other factors; all these factors dictate the rate. Pet insurance is good because, even though we all hope nothing ever goes wrong, you will have coverage in case of an emergency.

It’s obvious that pet owners want to provide the same things for their pets as they do for other family members. This involves healthy food, travel, good medical care, and beauty treatments – and in return, they get healthy and happy family members.

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