fennec fox
Fennec fox

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We all love our pets. Regardless of how cute-but-ugly or weird they may be, we give them our endless love and affection. No matter what other people say about our pets, to us they are perfect.

Well, some people have weird pets that go beyond the spectrum of quirky and hit the realm of full-on freaky. Yet, their owners love them despite their less-than-traditional qualities.

If you are checking this list to find a potential weird pet, be sure to check your local laws in regards to what species of animal are legal to own as pets in your area!

Weird or Adorable?

Fennec Fox
This is Savannah the Fennec Fox! She’s only 10 months old. She’s training to be an animal actor.

Fennec Foxes are precious. With the cute appearance of foxes in a smaller package equipped with massive ears, these adorable animals make for eye-opening pets. But be wary — they are still foxes and wild animals!

A trained fennec fox can be a good pet, they can even learn to use a litter box! When fully grown they will be about the size of a chihuahua, save the ears which will be much, much larger than the ears of a chihuahua. Super adorable, and super weird.

Fennec Foxes are extremely playful and require a lot of exercise. But they are sure to make many friends when taken out due to their adorable appearances though! Be aware, however, of the sounds they make. The whine of a Fennec Fox is not for the faint of heart.

When a Guinea Pig just isn’t Enough

capybara weird looking animalsThey say the bigger the better, and that applies nicely to owners of Capybara. This (very) large rodent can grow to be four feet long and weigh over a hundred pounds.

Capybaras are simple creatures, but they need lots of space to run around and play in. They also need a pool or pond to play in. Capybaras are illegal to keep as pets in many places, but giant-rodent friendly areas are sure to have a few leashed Capybaras out and about.

Weird factor? High. This thing is like a Guinea Pig but like 20 times bigger.

More than a Housecat

Servals strange animalServals are legal to own in some areas, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they make great pets. Like all cats, they can be temperamental — and while they are sure to show love and affection, I know that I would not like to be on the other end of a Serval temper tantrum.

Servals are on the smaller end of the big cat family. Of the big cats, they have the most successful hunting rate in the wild. While most big cats catch one prey out of every five or six, Servals usually catch one in every two.

Servals can be domesticated and make loving pets, but again, look at those claws. And teeth.

It Came from the Black Lagoon!

AxolotlAxolotl are actually salamanders who failed to make the transition to land creatures in their larval stage, instead keeping fins and gills and sticking to an underwater habitat. These little guys make super cool additions to an aquarium, plus look at that face!

The Big-Eyed Kinkajou

Baby KinkajouJust look at this little guy. So adorable, right? The Kinkajou live to be 20-25 years old. They can be domesticated and tend to bond to their owners.

Also known as the honey-bear, these adorable creatures maintain a calm and loving demeanor when domesticated, and do not mind hopping person to person when in a crowded room.

Kinkajous are sweet and very clean animals. They are also nocturnal and will be very active at night!

Plus they are super cute. Just want to make that extra clear. OMG SO CUTE.