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Owning a dog is one of the most beautiful decisions you could do in your life. They are not just loyal but they can also provide unconditional love to their owner. Of course, there are responsibilities that you have to take when you decide to own one. Dogs just like any other animal, also need great care. As a dog owner, we do not like when our dogs are scratching every minute. A dog itching problem is one of the worst cases and often the most typical complaints at the vet. There are many reasons for dog itching and one of these is having a dry and dull coat.

Dogs itch for many distinct reasons, and sometimes no reason at all. It is actually normal for dogs to scratch but when they do it constantly while biting, chewing, and even licking it can lead to wounding themselves, then it becomes a problem. Find out the reasons why it is happening and how to deal with dog itching. We also share dog itching remedies and how to do it naturally without breaking the bank!

dog itching

Dog itching problem

Pruritus is the medical term for dog itching. The main cause of dog itching has to do with their skin condition, whether it is infected, too dry, or too oily. Out of these, having dry skin is a repeated incident for dog itching, and the second main cause is allergies.

Let us talk first of the second main problem of dog itching…allergies! It is usually a very normal source of itchy skin and can be separated into three main types: environment, fleas, and food.

  • Environment. If you are living in a place with low humidity, then it is common for your dogs to have dry skin. Having dry skin makes the dog itch. Atopy is the medical term for environmental allergy, and it is one of the types of dog allergies. Allergens can be easily inhaled such as mite dander or pollen. It can also be directly absorbed through your dog’s skin, an example of this is when they play on the grass. Atopy is a big dare to manage in which dogs should have their regular medications or shots to keep them healthy especially during the season of allergy.
  • Fleas. They can really cause a brief irritation to pets, but dogs with a real allergy on fleas are hypersensitive. Just a bit is enough to start an integral period of scratching and chewing. Fleas can be very hard to manage, but once they are under control then the itching will be gone also.
  • Food. This is a lesser cause of allergy than the environment and fleas allergies. Food allergies are commonly started by a hypersensitivity response to a protein that the dog’s body mistakenly identified as a threat. Proper dog nutrition and an elimination diet is the only way to distinguish a food allergy. You can change the dog food that does not have the trigger once the particular allergen is known.

How to deal with a dog’s dry skin

One of the problems of dogs itching is having dry skin. Living in an environment with cold conditions can cause dry skin. You may see flakes of dandruff in the undercoat, and a cracked and solid skin when you part your dog’s fur. A subtle touch of the skin can make your dog scratch madly.

Dry skin can be also influenced by their diet. Some commercial dog food takes out the healthy oils that give healthy skin and a shiny hair coat to your dogs. Dry dog food has an increase dehydrating result on your dog’s skin and hair and can trigger thirst.

You can try adding digestive enzymes to the meal of your dogs when you feed them dry food. Digestive enzymes boost the nutrients release and are very helpful as probiotic bacteria that can aid in the digestive process. If your dogs have a healthy digestive system then they can easily absorb fluids from the food they eat that improves their hydration and boost the levels of moisture of their skin and hair coat.

Dog itching remedies

There are ways to stop and prevent your dog from itching, some of which will involve taking them to the veterinarian, while others can be treated with natural and simple home remedies. This ‘stop dog itching home remedy’ is very easy to do and you might have all the things needed in your home already. Of course, before doing this ‘stop dog itching home remedy’, make sure to consult the vet first.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

There are many things that you can do with apple cider vinegar aside from making your salad tastier. It is also an effective anti-fungal and antibacterial treatment. You can easily combine a 50% water and 50% apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the solution to the itchy part or spots. Do not spray the mixture on an open wound or raw skin directly.

  • Baking Soda

If you do not have the apple cider vinegar or hate the sour smell of it, then you can try mixing 50% water and 50% baking soda instead. Baking Soda becomes thick when mixed with water and it can dry out skin’s rashes. It is also an effective dog itching relief while decreasing inflammation and redness. Apply the mixture or paste to the itchy part and leave it for 20 minutes before rinsing it completely. You can add coconut oil to moisturize the skin. If your dog is experiencing whole body itchiness, you can put some baking soda to your dog’s bath.

  • Colloidal Oatmeal

A colloidal oatmeal bath is a great way to soothe your dog itching. It reduces inflammation and also washes allergens away that could be trapped in your dog’s fur. The anti-inflammatory properties that colloidal oatmeal has can relieve itchiness, swelling, and redness. It can also cool your dog’s uncomfortable and hot skin. This is non-toxic to dogs, so it is alright if they lick some oatmeal while you bathe them.

  • Aloe Vera

This kind of plant is really good at relieving sunburns. It has a great healing agent that can easily ease redness and cool down any uncomfortable heat from your dog’s skin. Apply Aloe Vera gel that has no alcohol directly to the affected parts. You can purchase 100% natural Aloe Vera gel in most stores, and if you have planted some at your home then it is best to use these instead.

dog itching

Best shampoo for itching dogs

Dog itching can be treated in a natural way, and you can do all the things listed above. You can also try itchy dog shampoo if you are planning to really stop dogs itching forever while maintaining healthy skin coat of your dog. There are many itchy dog shampoos that you can choose, of course, it is better to consult your vet first to know which product is more suitable for your dog.

Looking at your dog’s bad red skin and hearing the persistent scratching is enough to make any animal lover worry so much. Dogs itching is actually normal but doing it excessively causing the skin to wound is really a big problem for the owner. Learning why your dog itching is really necessary so you can pick the right best itchy dog shampoo for him/her. Here are some anti-itch shampoo reviews that you can try for your dog.

  • Richard’s Organic Flea and Tick Shampoo

This shampoo has no sulfates, parabens, artificial colors and even fragrance making it very safe to use for dogs. One of the causes of dogs itching is having ticks and fleas on their hair coat. This shampoo has an effective ingredient that kills all the ticks and fleas of your dogs while locking in the moisture for that shiny fur.

  • Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Dog and Cat Shampoo

One of the causes of dogs itching is having dry skin, and buying products with oatmeal in it can really relieve dryness. There are many dog shampoos that contain oatmeal but the formula of this one has received positive reviews. The shampoo is soap-free without any phosphates and parabens in it. This shampoo also soothes, moisturizes, and heals the dryness of your dog’s skin.

  • HyLyt Hypoallergenic Shampoo with Essential Oils

Allergies are one of the reasons for dogs itching also. Anti-allergy shampoo relieves your dog from allergy. This shampoo controls scaling and flaking with natural moisturizers for that healthy and shiny hair coat. It also reduces itch and aids your dog to heal because of its antifungal and antibacterial properties. Plus, it is gentle, soap-free, and hypoallergenic, so it is safe even for those sensitive little ones.

  • Try MiconaHex+Triz Shampoo

Fungal and bacterial problems can also cause dog itching. It is the cause of itching and scratching that results in sores which then develop into a fungal or bacterial infection. Going to the veterinarian is the first thing you should do if your dog is experiencing this problem. The right treatment and using effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal shampoo like this one could aid to heal this type of problem also. This shampoo treats bacterial and topical fungal infections. It is produced to free your dog from ringworms, dandruff, fungus, yeast, and other bacterial infections.

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