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Owning a pet is a fulfilling experience. Aside from having a fluffy friend in your home 24/7, being a pet owner can also provide a long list of benefits. Pets are stress relievers; they can uplift your mood in an instant. Hence, owning a pet is beneficial for your health, too.  This responsibility also comes with a few challenges. One of the biggest challenges is training your dog. This can be time-consuming and daunting, but with a wireless dog fence, your life as a pet owner can be made easier.

When you have a wireless dog fence in your home or lawn, you’ll be setting up a “correction zone” around it. Your dog will wear a receiver collar that connects to a transmitter. Usually, the correction zone can be 90 feet from where the transmitter is located. If your dog reaches the correction zone, the collar will give a warning beep. If your dog still continues to move, static correction will be delivered through the collar. A wireless dog fence can be helpful in training your dog, but you need to know the facts before purchasing one.

1. Indoor versues outdoor wireless fences

Determine where you want to use your wireless dog fence. If you want to train your dog to stay away from your living room as this area is full of breakables, opt to buy a wireless dog fence that’s made for indoor use. If you’re fond of going camping with your friends, family, and your dog, look for a wireless dog fence for outdoors. This is an easy way of preventing your dog from wandering too far, especially when you’re traveling to a new locationBecause wireless dog fences now come in a variety of models, you can also buy one that can be used both indoors and outdoors. This type is a little pricey compared to traditional models, but this is a smart investment that your dog can use long term.

wireless dog fence

2. How much space or does it cover

One of the reasons why you’re probably interested in buying a wireless dog fence is because it can keep your dog safe even if you can’t keep an eye on it. However, if you buy a wireless dog fence that only covers three feet from the transmitter’s location, it defeats the purpose. The range of the wireless dog fence is critical, so make sure you check this detail. If possible, buy a wireless dog fence that covers at least one acre of space. If your budget allows, you can buy other models that cover three acres or more.

3. Installing a wireless dog fence

Not all pet owners are handymen or tech geeks. You may not have the knowledge and time to hammer pieces of wood together or figure out codes just to make a traditional dog fence system work. If you’re guilty to any of these, don’t worry – most wireless dog fences will not require you to have specific skill sets. In fact, a wireless dog fence is usually very easy to install. It’ll take you less than an hour to have everything set up. You’ll only need a trusty manual and a lot of patience in order for your wireless dog fence to function.

4. Look for a high-quality collar receiver

No matter how wide the coverage of the wireless dog fence, if the collar receiver isn’t working properly, buying this product will be a waste of money. Keep in mind that in order for the wireless dog fence to be fully functional, everything in the system should work properly. The collar receiver should fit your dog’s neck; it should be waterproof and durable. You can look for several wireless dog fence reviews online to help you determine what other details you should look for in a collar receiver.

5. Check the wireless fence warranty

Although there are many companies selling wireless dog fences, you should be careful as to who you do business with. As a general rule, you should only buy this product from a company that offers a warranty. A guaranteed wireless dog fence can save you from spending unexpected repair costs and allows you to take advantage of professional services for free. If you want to add value to your money, only buy a wireless dog fence that comes with a warranty.

wireless dog fence

Slow and steady always wins

There are many techniques to train your dog. But since most pet owners don’t have the luxury of time (and patience) to apply all of the tips, using a wireless dog fence can be the solution to their problems. If you’re one who shares the same sentiment, start looking for options and compare the products in order to arrive at a sound decision. The more time you’ll allocate in deciding which wireless dog fence to use, the better results you and your dog can experience!