5 Weird Pet Products That’ll Make You Do A Double Take

Twinkle Tush

It’s almost 2018, which means you can always find cutting-edge toys and pet products. Your pets are sure to be pumped up by a trendy chew toy or the latest laser-pointer — but every once in awhile we come across a product or two that makes us take a double take and ask ourselves: Why would anyone ever need (or want) that?!

Well, here’s a list of weird pet products that are sure to make pet lovers LOL.

1. The Licki Brush

Licki BrushI wanted to start off strong. This brush helps you get in touch with your inner cat and connect with your feline friends on a more personal level — by licking them.

“The Licki Brush is a new fake tongue that you can pop in your mouth and use to gently lick your cat whenever you choose,” reports Metro.co.uk. “It’s even got the scratchy, rough texture of an actual cat’s tongue, which helps to brush your cat’s fur as you lick.”

While your cat may enjoy the quality time you spend licking them, I would shy away from doing so near an open window, who knows what the neighbors would think.

2. Cat Massage Roller Relaxer

This is a relatively simple device: a massage roller for your cat. We can all agree that we want our cats to be comfortable and happy right? Right. Well this device actually helps cats relax and reduces stress.

You may be wondering what stress a cat could possibly have? So are we. Perhaps your cat is having constant nightmares about the neighbor’s dog, or worried that their pet treat won’t be the flavor they wanted.

Either way, your cat will love you even more for giving him or her a nice massage.

3. Twinkle Tush: Rear End Cat Jewelry


Do you ever look at your cat’s behind and think, “Ew, gross!”? If you answered yes to this question, then Twinkle Tush may be the product for you (or your cat that is).

This is a piece of jewelry, almost like a necklace, that hangs from your cat’s tail. The gem hanging from the chain strategically falls right over the cat’s bottom, thus keeping your cat modest. I’m sure your cat would get used to it in an hour or two (..or not). Oh well, at least they’ll be fashionable!

4. The Bow Lingual

pet talkie“Now people can understand their dogs better than ever before with a gadget that translates doggy talk into human words,” reads the Bow Lingual product description.

The walkie-talkie shaped device claims to solve the age-old issue of miscommunication between man and dog. Excuse my skepticism, but I don’t believe that such a technological breakthrough would come in such a simple package.

Still, if you’ve been wanting to tell your dog to stop chewing on your carpet corners for a while now, this may be the device for you.

5. Pet Treat Power Launcher

Have you ever wanted to shoot dog treats for your dog to chase after — what about shooting these treats up to ten feet away? No? Me neither. But someone invented this nifty device that adds one more exciting step to the process of giving your dog a treat.

Termed “The Snackshot,” this device supposedly promotes the competitive spirit in dogs and encourages them to chase after their treats. Why simply throwing the treat is not easier is anyone’s guess.


Technology is always coming up with useful and interesting products and ideas that help make the world a better place. These may not do that at all, but they are still pretty funny, and that has to be worth something.