About Petsies

We turn your pets into custom stuffed animals! All you have to do is send us their adorable picture and we'll do the rest.

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Petsies was created by Budsies, a South Florida based company that turns drawings, people and pets into custom stuffed animals.

Since the company's launch in 2013, we've created over 26,000 custom plushies and have proudly become the #1 custom plush manufacturer in the industry. Our products have been featured on Shark Tank, BuzzFeed, The New York Times, among many others. Seeing how much happiness our Petsies plushies bring to people’s lives is all we could’ve ever hoped for, and we can't wait to continue creating awesome stuffed animals for our amazing customers. 


The Team

We’re an enthusiastic team of pet lovers on a mission to bring joy and comfort to other pet lovers.

Petsies team

At Petsies, we truly appreciate the unique bond that people have with their lovable companions. In fact, we are self-proclaimed “crazy pet people” and aren’t ashamed to admit it! After all, pets bring so much joy and happiness into our lives and that should be openly celebrated. They’re adorable, loyal and provide heaps of unconditional love (and cuddles); And each pet leaves an everlasting mark on our hearts that simply can’t be replaced.

We’re here to help you celebrate that loving bond between you and your pet and make it last forever! Whether your pet is 8 weeks old, full grown, or forever in your heart, we want you to feel their love now and always.

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How to get in touch with us

Our team is happy to help you with any questions you may have. Please send us an email at [email protected] and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!


3600 S Congress Ave
Boynton Beach, FL 33426