How to Order a Custom Plush of Your Pet

It's super easy and takes less than 10 minutes to place your order!

How It Works

Step One:

Snap a pic of your pet

(or use any photo you want)

order custom plush petsies
Step Two:

Upload your super cute pet pic

(via phone or computer)

order custom plush petsies
Step Three:

Receive your Petsies keepsake

(A gift you'll love forever) 

petsies plush

We Make It Rain Cats & Dogs ... And Other Pets Too!

How you ask? With lots of love, attention to detail and an unyielding appreciation for high quality craftsmanship. Oh, and pretty amazing designers and seamstresses, too!  Making the perfect Petsies plushie takes time, dedication and many challenging steps. To keep you happily in the loop, we will send you emails giving you detailed updates on how your adorable plushie is progressing.

For more information about our custom plush options, check out our main Petsies Plush page.

We Can Create a Custom Plush of Any Pet

Custom plush lookalikes of any pet you can think of, big or small! Check out some of our most popular animal plushies we've made.