Petsies Rising Stars

Is your pet the next Petsies star?

Join our Rising Stars program and watch your pets rise in stardom right before your eyes! 

So what if your dog’s social media account has more followers than all your friends combined? Your little star spreads joy with every pic. With a little work and a lot of play, your pet can become the next Internet sensation.

What are

The Makings of a Petsies Star?


marnie the dog

Pet Stars plushies touch the hearts of adoring fans and families alike


blox the bulldog stuffed animal

Each plushie provides a unique connection between the star and their fans.


blox the bulldog coffee mug

Get royalties from merchandise and sales—ideal for vacations or retirement.


squad goals

Become a part of a society of pet stars all helping each other grow and make a difference, together.

Apply to be a Petsies Star

Whether your pet has 1,000 or 10,000,000 fans, we must first verify your ownership over your social media account

Get ready for

The Path to Stardom

Wherever you start, we help lead you to full celebrity Star status

(and all the perks that come with it!)

  • Trainee
  • Ambassador
  • Professional
  • Starlet
  • Official Petsies Star

Under 3K Fans 

  • Every Star started here
  • Access our official Petsies starlet photography guide

3K+ Fans 

  • You have star potential!
  • Access to our Petsies Ambassador program
  • Get free swag, like matching t-shirts for you and your pet
  • Earn $ when you tell fans about Petsies
  • Our team guides you through promotions and engagement techniques to help you reach the next level

10K+ Fans

  • Receive a free handmade Petsies plush of your pet
  • Get ready to get into merchandise when you reach the next level!

100K+ Fans

  • Time to develop your pet's brand (their Fursonality)!
  • Meet one-on-one with our branding specialist
  • Open shop! We create, sell & fulfill T-shirts, hats and mugs with your pet. You collect $$ 
  • Your pet's brand flourishes!

250K+ Fans

  • Welcome to the official Petsies Stars program! 
  • We begin to design, manufacture and sell adorable stuffed animals of your pet
  • Royalties and fame have finally arrived 

Get ready for an incredible journey: from your initial online merchandise pilot to distribution actross big box and specialty retailers worldwide!

Let Your Hard Work Finally Pay Off

You work hard to get that perfect shot of your pet. We fairly compensate you for the sale of your pet’s merchandise. Our industry leading 6% Net Revenue royalty rate will pay for everything from vet bills to new cars.

We even go one step further with our cash bonuses. For example: you'll receive an additional $1,000 when just 2,500 plushies are sold!

Manufacturing and Fulfillment is a Pain

Designing, producing, and distributing physical merchandise is very complicated. Lucky for you, we handle all the mechanics so you can sit back and enjoy your fame.

pet stars pet stars

Apply for Stardom

Have questions? reach out to us at [email protected]