Custom Pet Figurines & Bobbleheads

Turn your pet into a custom bobblehead or figurine and show off how cute they are!

  • Choose either a clay figurine or a bobblehead

  • Handmade using polymer clay and watercolor paints

  • 10 cm in size with a gray base 

  • Ships in 4-5 weeks 

$149 $129

Choose Your Style

To bobble or not to bobble, that is the question! 


Head doesn't bobble


Head bobbles

Photo Guidelines & Tips!

In order for our team to produce the best product for you, we'll need good-quality photos, including: 

  • A clear photo of the face (clearly showing facial expressions, eye color, and hair)

  • A full-body clothing photo (including tops, pants, and shoes)

  • Preferably a photo of the sides and back of the person. 

dog bobbleheads

Create a Personalized Keepsake from Your Own Photos

Looking for the perfect birthday gift, Christmas gift, or just because? Surprise your friends and loved ones with a personalized bobblehead or clay figurine. 

These custom keepsakes are made completely by hand, with each tiny feature sculpted out of colored polymer clay and painted with watercolors. It's a truly delicate process, but the end result is a quality piece of artwork that you can cherish forever. 

Please remember, while our artists are incredibly talented and work very hard to match the photo, clay is like any other artistic medium. Colors, textures, and other elements might not match exactly, but that is all part of the magic of a custom work of art. It's meant to be a one-of-a-kind representation versus an exact clone. 

Thank You

Thank you for giving our design team the opportunity to bring joy and hugs to your family.

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