Petsies Pricing on Custom Plush Services

The prices of our Petsies reflect the time, talent, and customization that goes into each one.

It's hard to compare our product to other stuffed animals, because there is a huge difference between a mass produced toy and a custom Petsies plush. Watch the video below to hear two of our team members explain the difference.

6 month interest-free financing is available! More info.


Stuffed Animal Price

  • Handmade & 100% Custom
  • Premium, realistic polyester furs
  • Specialty noses and eyes
  • Full airbrushing to match your pet’s markings
Reg. $249 Sale! $199

6 month interest-free financing available. Learn more.

The Petsies creation process requires hours of hard work, because everything is done by hand for your specific pet— the design, the fabric cutting, the sewing, the stuffing, and the airbrushing!

Unlike typical plush factories that have hundreds of line workers spitting out 10,000 copies of the same design, our team consists of a handful of highly trained artists. We put our hearts and souls into each custom plush product.

To get a feel for how much work goes into each plush, here's a live airbrushing video of a bulldog plush we created for a customer. 

Check out the details on this Petsies Dalmation

dalmation stuffed animal

Thanks to @devyndolphin for sharing.

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We Can Create a Custom Plush of Any Pet

We can create a custom lookalike of all kinds of pets, big and small, no matter how exotic they are! Check out some of our most popular animal plushies we've made. 

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