Petsies Stars Presents:

Crusoe the Dachshund: Love Edition - OUTFIT ONLY

Petsies Stars Presents:

Crusoe the Dachshund: Love Edition - OUTFIT ONLY

A Limited Edition adorable outfit and a rose for your Crusoe plush. Crusoe is the cheeky and super adventurous pup that’s won over the hearts of millions! 

Plush sold separately. 


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Product Details

Dashing Attire for a Dashing Pup

Have you already gotten your cuddly Crusoe plushie? If so, this Valentine's Day outfit would be the perfect accessory for those snazzy date nights or fancy outtings. 

  • Custom-made Valentine's Day Outfit 
  • Fits 10" Plush Crusoe 
  • Made from premium cotton and polyester plush
  • Safe & suitable for all ages
  • Washable & super soft 

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund


Facebook: Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

Slogan: “Winner Dog Extraordinaire”

Fursonality: Eccentric & Cheeky

Features: Hot wiener dog bod, the white star on his chest, and of course the iconic and unique anchor-shaped marking on his nose (he was clearly born to be a celebrity) 

Famous for: Whimsical costumes and viral videos topping over 50 million views!

Enjoys: Being good at everything, going on adventures, acting, being praised, saving damsels in distress, and giving the world a little reason to laugh and smile

Crusoe's Backstory

Crusoe, named after Robinson Crusoe “for his exceptional sense of adventure”, lives with his trusty human sidekicks, Ryan Beauchesne and Laurence Dionne. 

Soon after the couple got Crusoe, they discovered he was equally as photogenic as he was adventurous, so they set up a blog about his life and exploits. This inevitably led to the creation of all kinds of fun costumes that, let’s be honest, he totally rocked. Thanks in large part to his extensive wardrobe and cool canine attitude, Crusoe’s appeal has continued to spread, with over a dozen hugely viral videos, the release of his New York Times Bestselling book in October 2015, followed by an international book tour, where Crusoe met thousands of his fans and even “pawtographed” books for them on the spot. That’s right, this popular pup is now a distinguished, bestselling author, and loving every minute of his celebrity status. 


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