German Shepherd Stuffed Animals

Simply send us a photo of your adorable pet German Shepherd, and we’ll create a plush stuffed animal that looks like your pet. Since every Petsies stuffed animal is custom made, we can create a plush of any German Shepherd breed you can think of.

Every personalized German Shepherd stuffed animal is:

  • Custom designed to look just like your German Shepherd

  • Airbrushed in detail to mimic your German Shepherd’s markings

  • A lovable and huggable way to always have your pet by your side


Stuffed Animal Of Your Pup

A German Shepherd stuffed animal is perfect for anyone who owns a German Shepherd or just loves the breed. They are completely lifelike, even if your German Shepherd's got some junk in the trunk! We’ll just add more plush padding ;)

german shepherd stuffed animal


  • Premium, realistic polyester furs

  • Specialty noses and eyes

  • Full airbrushing to match your pet’s markings

Starting at 

$269 $210

german shepherd stuffed animal

German Shepherd Facts

  • Work is their reason to live, German Shepherds have a very strong work ethic and energy level described as "volcanic".

  • German Shepherds are known for their heroism, without any special training!

  • Their star power has been lighting up Hollywood screens since the 1920s.

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german shepherd plush 2
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History of the German Shepherd

As the name suggests, the German Shepherd originated in Germany in the late 1800s. The most intelligent, responsive and obedient local shepherd dogs in Germany were bred to create what is now known as the German Shepherd. This breed was responsible for herding sheep and protecting flocks from predators. They were not considered pets or companions, but rather servants for farmers. Their intelligence, speed, strength and keen sense of smell, made them the perfect choice as sheepherders. Although German Shepherds were considered strictly workers, rather then household pets, farmers did provide food, protection, and shelter to the breed.

By the beginning of World War I the German Shepherd was popular throughout Germany and quickly spread to other parts of the world. People loved German Shepherds for their loyal and courageous character.

Due to the breed’s reputation for being courageous and easy-to-train, German Shepherds were welcomed as police dogs and sight dogs for the blind. Their superb sense of smell and courageous character made the German Shepherd an ideal police dog. Their faithful observance of what is going on around them, along with their patience, landed them the role of a leader to the blind.

These outstanding qualities and characteristics make the German Shepherd a wonderful domestic companion, protector, and friend. The breed is reserved with strangers at first but warms up quickly. This characteristic makes them excellent watchdogs, especially for children. It’s good to socialize them when they are young and to take them on long walks or runs all throughout their life.

German Shepherd Popularity (US)

German Shepherd Popularity

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