Petsies Stars Presents:

Super Corgi Jojo


Super Corgi Jojo

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Slogan: “Corgi’s gonna Corg!”

Fursonality: Chill Surfer Dude

Features: Golden locks, sturdy lil legs (perfect for balance), and his superhero cape for when he’s fighting for justice

Famous for: His super awesome pictures and videos of him doing water sports skills, including surfing, paddle boarding, and corgi flopping into the water

Enjoys: Tennis balls, lasers, cheering on local sports teams (especially the chargers and the padres). He also likes smiling, helping others by volunteering and being a pretty awesome therapy pet. 

Jojo's Backstory

Jojo is from sunny San Diego, CA, where he lives with his pawrent, Josephine. In 2014, two large dogs attacked Jojo and his mom, and the vets weren’t sure if Jojo would make it… but he did! It was during this time that he got his nickname “Super Corgi Jojo”, because he never gave up and kept fighting (just like Superman)! And now he hikes, surfs, paddle boards, and enjoys a full, fun-filled life. Way to go, Jojo!!

This lovable little SoCal cutie is a constant reminder to have hope and never give up! He is also big on giving back, which makes him even more lovable. He volunteers as a therapy dog at the USO in San Diego to help those that keep us free, and supports many pet charities to help furfriends in need. He truly is a Super Corgi! 

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