Petsies Stars Presents:

Marnie the Dog

Petsies Stars Presents:

Marnie the Dog

A snuggly stuffed animal of Marnie the Dog, a living icon straight out of the homeless dog shelter.

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Product Details

From the Streets to Stardom

Just like the real Marnie, this plush is so cuddly and cute and wants to go everywhere with you. 

  • 10” Plush
  • Made from premium, super-soft polyester plush material
  • Adorably accurate details
  • Safe & suitable for all ages
  • Washable & super cuddly

Marnie the Dog

Shih Tzu

Slogan: "I checked the time and it’s snax o’clock"

Fursonality: 25% Party Animal, 75% Snooze Button

Features: Eyes that make you melt, a tongue for the record books

Famous for: Being Famous

Enjoys: Being carried like a baby, Trespassing other people’s driveways, Sharing your snacks, Japanese and Italian Food, Sleeping in bed with you for 16 hours a day. 

Nick Names: Marn Marn, Little smooshy

Marnie's Backstory

Marnie is a senior rescue dog who was adopted from a shelter at the age of 11, where she had been given the unfortunate but accurate name of “Stinky” . After being adopted and moving down to NYC with her new life partner, she was soon stinky no more. It seemed everyone who met her fell instantly in love. A year later she made her internet debut, and now has over 2 million fans on Instagram. The fame hasn’t gone to her head though— at the age of 15, Marnie enjoys spending her days going on long walks, smelling stuff, cuddling, and eating lots and lots of snax. 

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