Voice Recorder Replacement

Replacement only! Please Note: Will not work with your plush unless you already have the voice recorder + sewn-in pouch add on (available on the creation page). 

Selected variant is out of stock

Additional Details

This is a replacement recorder only for Petsies that already have the recorder pouch. 

Instructions for Recorder Use

  1. Slide the switch on top of the recorder to the letter “R” for “Record”

  2. Press and hold the button to record

  3. Hold the device about 4 inches away from your mouth (or whatever you are recording) and speak clearly

  4. Release the button when finished to stop recording

  5. Slide the switch to the letter “P” (“Play”) and press the button to play the recording.

  6. You can then put the recorder into the pouch in your plush, preferably with the button facing outward.

  7. Squeeze the body of the plush to play!

Note: The “N” stands for “Neutral”, and will turn off the recorder so it neither records nor plays

6 month warranty for a free replacement. After 6 months, you'll have to buy a new replacement. 

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