Petsies Stars Presents:





Slogan: “Super active but a little husky”

Fursonality: Outdoorsy and Active

Features: Piercing blue eyes, silky soft gray and white fur, distinct facial markings

Famous for: Their amazing photos in the most scenic locations, twinning in fun outfits together, and their big husky smiles

Enjoys: Going on runs with their parents, hiking at the local state park, and donating blood regularly for other pups in need!

Nika & Kira's Backstory

Both of these pups were born in Wisconsin and went to live with their parents when they were about 8-9 weeks old. Nika is the big sister to Kira, although they are not actually blood-related. While Nika is happy chillin’ out and laying down, Kira wants all of the attention (and all the pets) to herself. Kira loves to run around and is constantly pulling her sister and her parents on the leash when they are out and about. Nika loves to hang back and take her time while she walks.

These two are always in the mood to exercise: They go on daily runs and love to go hiking. In the winters they dog sled and in the summer their parents take them out for some urban mushing on their kick bikes or rollerblades. They are very familiar with their sled commands! In their local state park, they know the trails so well that they can lead the way! Their most recent hobby is paddle boarding. Nika and Kira are definitely adrenaline junkies.

In regards to helping others, Nika and Kira regularly donate blood to their local clinic. Both of these huskies are universal donors which is very rare, so these ladies are lucky enough to help other dogs in need! Their mom, Katlin, also fosters other dogs from time to time through Fetch Wisconsin Rescue, so they are no strangers to helping others. The family fosters quite a bit with Fetch WI and Katlin is actually the treasurer. They adopted (foster failed) their other dog, Hoya, through Fetch as well!

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