Custom Pig Stuffed Animals

custom pig stuffed animals

Simply send us a photo of your adorable pet pig, and we’ll create a plush stuffed animal replica! Since every Petsies stuffed animal is custom made, we can create a plush and match your pigs distinct markings!

  • A custom-made lookalike of your favorite pig friend

  • Realistically advanced airbrushing to match your pet exactly

  • Pigs can get messy! Our custom plushies don’t

  • The perfect keepsake for people of all ages 

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Custom Pig Plushies

We all love our playful pets and a pig is a perfect example of a loyal and fun animal. A custom plush is a great way to make sure you can always take your pet with you, no matter where you go. Just take a picture of your pet and send it to us, we do the rest! Our talented designers and seamstresses capture every tiny detail to create a one-of-a-kind stuffed animal, just for you.

custom pig stuffed animal
The Perfect

Gift for Children

It’s not always easy for kids to travel without their best pet friends. People that love their pets know that the time away from their pig pals is hard. Plushies can help by providing an emotional connection with a 100% handmade custom stuffed version of your pet. Never worry about getting your friend through airport security again.

4 Reasons to Love Plushies

  1. Soft and Loveable: Sometimes you want to hug your pig pal, but they might be doing other things. Your custom stuffed animal version of your friend is always ready to cuddle!

  2. Easily Taken Care Of: Pigs can be messy and need a lot of maintenance. You get all the adorableness without worrying about cleaning up after them.

  3. Portable Fun: Your Petsies plush is a jetsetter, just like you! Take them anywhere you want, they are great travel buddies.

  4. Memorialize Your Pet: It is hard to lose a pet, but Petsies makes sure that they are never far from our hearts.

Custom Plush Pig Stuffed Animal Lookalike

Pigs as the Perfect Pets

Where did domesticated pigs come from?

Did you know that pigs were originally intended only for display in zoos? These potbellied pigs came from Vietnam to the USA in 1985 and eventually became the domesticated pets we have now. Potbellied pigs are smart and emotional animals who enjoy human friendships which make them perfect pets.

How big should my pig be?

A normal potbellied pig will probably weigh no more than 100 to 150 pounds, basically the size of a large dog! Some pig breeders are working on creating smaller versions of these pigs called “miniature pigs” or “micro-pigs.”

How many should I get?

Potbellied pigs are very social animals. Because of this, they are much happier pets if they have a pig companion with them. They are far less likely to be aggressive or upset if there is another pig in your home. So, if you do decide to adopt a pig, it might be a good idea consider adopting more than one.