Custom Bird Stuffed Animals

custom bird stuffed animal
  • Realistic & Detailed:  Advanced airbrushing techniques capture even the smallest of features

  • 100% Custom-made : Made to look like your bird

  • Best Gift EVER: Whether celebrating a current pet or honoring a past companion, this handmade gift is sure to bring warmth to your heart

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Celebrate the Beauty of Your Bird

Each bird has its own unique look and personality. It's fun to celebrate their individuality in a fun and everlasting way! Send us a photo of your birdie friend, and our talented designers and seamstresses will make you a one-of-a-kindstuffed animal that looks just like them! 

custom bird stuffed animal
Bird Stuffed Animals
Stuffed Animal Bird
The Perfect

Gift for Bird Lovers

Sometimes it can be tricky to decide what to get bird lovers for Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions. Our Petsies custom stuffed animals are something any bird owner or enthusiast would love! These adorable bird plushies are 100% unique, each sewn by hand and airbrushed to make sure even the smallest of details is captured. 

Reasons to Get a Bird Plushie

  1. Cuddles on Demand: Sometimes you want to hug your bird but your bird doesn’t want to hug you back.  What do you do?  Get a custom stuffed animal version of your favorite pet and give them all the hugs you want.

  2. No Feeding or Cleaning: What’s better than a pet that doesn’t need to be fed or cleaned? You get all the goodness without worrying about the mess.

  3. Your Quiet Bird : Sure, your pet bird sounds beautiful but sometimes they make too much noise!  This bird won’t make a peep.

  4. Remember a Past Bird: Luckily, these feathy pets live forever, as long you love them.  

Custom Bird Plushies

Bird Facts

Population: There are so many birds in this world that it’s hard to tell just how many there are exactly.  However, it is estimated that there are about 100 billion to 400 billion birds on Earth!

Characteristics: Birds have lots and lots of feathers and they are vertebrates, so they have a backbone.  All of them are warm-blooded, and they lay eggs. 

Height: Birds include everything from ostriches to parrots, so there is a wide variety of heights.  Big birds like ostriches are 6.9 ft tall with the smallest at 3-5 inches like hummingbirds.

Unique Talent: Birds make the prettiest sounds ever.  No other vertebrates can quite make the sounds they do.

Group of Birds: There are so many different types of birds that their group name actually changes according to the species.  A group of hens is called a brood.  A group of penguins is called a colony.  A group of geese is a gaggle.  A group of quail is a bevy.  We could keep the list going….


History of Domesticated Birds

When were birds domesticated?

Birds were first domesticated over 4,000 years ago.  Prior to that, they were associated with human settlements. However, they were not used as pets. 

Why were birds domesticated?

Birds were domesticated for their beauty.  There’s nothing like seeing and hearing that beautiful feathered creature sing throughout the day.  Back in the day, they were even used in mines for detecting poisonous gasses.   

How do birds differ today?

Today, pet birds are like members of the family.  They are pampered with fancy toys and cages while some are also trained to do cool tricks and to talk like people!


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