Custom Pet Stuffed Animals

Petsies Stuffed Animals

Our talented team of artists go above and beyond to capture the likeness of your pet. 

What makes our pet stuffed animals special? 

  • Each one is handmade to look like the pet photo you submit.

  • Our artists use specialty furs, noses & eyes, and airbrushing.

  • There are 3 sizes: 10", 16" and 24" with other fun upgrades.

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$269 $199

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The Most Special & Unique Pet Gift!

Pets are an integral part of our family, and it's no surprise why. They are loving, loyal, bring us much-needed comfort and comedic relief when life gets hard, and are the cutest, most precious creatures on the planet.  At Petsies, we believe that type of love is worth remembering forever!  Our stuffed animals are the perfect opportunity to create a huggable keepsake of your favorite furry (or not so furry) besties in your life.

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Thank you for giving our design team the opportunity to bring joy and hugs to your family.

Customer Stories

Petsies Stuffed Animal Spotlights

Our personalized pet stuffed animals celebrate the bond between you and your furry (or not so furry) family members. They are personalized keepsakes for pet lovers that want a forever reminder of their beloved pet. We are so thankful to be able to play even a small part in helping you preserve their memory.

Here are a few customer stories that made us laugh, cry, and everything in between! 

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