Custom Horse Stuffed Animals

Custom Horse Stuffed Animal
  • Realistic & Detailed:  Advanced airbrushing techniques capture even the smallest of features

  • 100% Custom-made : Made to look like  your  horse

  • The Perfect Gift:  Celebrate your best friend or treasure a lost companion forever

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Horse Stuffed Animals from Photos

Send us a photo of your horse, and we'll make a stuffed animal that looks just like them. From Appaloosa’s to American Paints, we can turn any horse you can think of into a one-of-a-kind custom plushie.

Custom Horse Plush
Horse Stuffed Animals
The Perfect

Gift for Horse Lovers

Sure, you could get a stuffed horse from your local toy store, but it doesn’t provide the same emotional connection as a 100% handmade custom stuffed version of your unique pet.  Your stuffed animal will be with you forever and an excellent way to remember why you loved your pet so much.

Reasons to Get a Plush of Your Horse

  1. Cuddles on Demand: Sometimes you want to hug your horse but your horse doesn’t want to hug you back.  What do you do?  Get a custom stuffed animal version of your favorite pet and give them all the hugs you want.

  2. No Feeding or Cleaning: You get all the goodness without worrying about gathering hay or cleaning out the stable.

  3. Your Portable Horse: Horses are large so there’s no way your horse is coming with you in your car. These smaller versions look just like your horse and represent the love you have for your animal; however, it’s small enough that you can take the love with you.

  4. Remember a Past Horse: Luckily, our majestic plush horses live forever, as long you love them.   

Custom Horse Stuffed Animal

Horse Facts

Population: There are over 58 billion horses in the world with over 350 breeds. 

Characteristics: Horses are known for their tall stature, pride, and long flowey tails. Most of them are kept for riding while there still is a population of wild horses.

Height: 4.7-6 ft.

Lifespan: 25-30 years

Unique Talent: Horses were born to run…literally. They are running just a few hours after birth.

Most Popular Horse Breed: The Arabian.

Group of Horses: A group of horses are called a Team or a Harras.


History of Horses

When were horses domesticated?

Horses were domesticated about 6,000 years ago in Ukraine.  They were then spread to Europe and Asia.  Yet some evidence demonstrates that these horses came from many different places around the world although there is a general consensus that they settled in Europe and Asia.

Why were horses domesticated?

Experts believe that horses were tamed for riding and food, as their milk was used for many things. Scientists found traces of horse milk in ancient posts from western Eurasian Steppe. The use of horses, however, spread rapidly across Eurasia for transportation, agricultural work and warfare.

How do horses differ today?

Today, horses are prided as trophies with some doing amazing things like racing and doing neat tricks!  Some of them are even manicured to look beautiful to show themselves off.  They are just as special today as they were thousands of years ago.  

We Can Create a Custom Plush of Any Pet

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