Personalized Yorkie Stuffed Animals

Memorialize Your Pet Yorkie or Commemorate a Lost Furry Friend

Now you can have your very own Yorkie stuffed animal that looks exactly like your loveable little pet. Just send us a photo of your pintsize bundle of joy, and we’ll create a plush animal with their likeness. It will look so much like the real thing you won’t believe your eyes! 

Each custom Yorkie stuffed animal features:

  • A personalized appearance that matches your little Yorkie pet

  • Detailed airbrushing that highlights every marking and feature of your Yorkie

  • A huggable Yorkie stuffed animal that you’ll cherish for years to come


Gift for Yorkie Lovers!

You’ll just adore your Yorkie plushie! It will be as endearing as your very own pet with the same cuteness factor and miniature size.  We take great pride in incorporating every detail your Yorkshire Terrier possesses right down to their little toes and button noses. We took out the bark of this fierce little protector as we know your Yorkie would be jealous of the competition!

Yorkie Forever


  • Premium, realistic polyester furs

  • Specialty noses and eyes

  • Full airbrushing to match your pet’s markings

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$269 $210

Yorkie Forever
Yorkie image

Caring for your Yorkie

Nutrition and Feeding: Two to three meals of 1/4 to 1/2 cup of food.

Grooming: Regular grooming required. Needs daily to weekly brushing. Sheds little to no hair.

Exercise: Needs a daily walk. Behavior problems may develop without proper exercise.

Health: Prone to bronchitis, eye infections, tooth decay, and digestion problems.

History of the Yorkie

Yorkshire terriers are named from the York region of England where they originated. With early beginnings as a mix of terrier breeds, the Yorkie’s ancestors are not originally known as no records were kept during the mid-1800s to which the breed dates back. It is thought that Yorkies are a mix of the Clydesdale, Paisley, and Skye terriers as they bear a resemblance to these breeds and these were the first terrier breeds brought to England from Scotland.

Strong and Courageous Hunters

The Yorkie has a strong history as a Ratter. Ratters were sent to kill rats and rodents that occupied the streets and homes. These Ratters were even used to help miners and millers evacuate rats in their work areas, based on their strong hunting skills.

Because Yorkies are good hunters and have a knack for finding animals that lived in dens and burrows, hunters would take them with them on their hunting trips. These little dogs would fit right in the hunter’s pocket and would be used to scout foxes, badgers, and other small wild animals.

The Yorkie’s bravery and courage would come in handy during these hunting adventures as they would go after prey with little to no hesitation. Thanks to their skill as a hunter they were revered as a skillful dog with plenty of value. Word spread about the benefits of these little dogs and soon owners wanted one for themselves.

Growing in Popularity

After being shown in England under the breed name Broken-Haired Scotch Terrier, the Yorkshire Terrier was given its official name in 1874.

By 1872, Yorkies slowly began making their way to the U.S. In England, the Yorkie was embraced by royalty and the upper class. They loved the breed for its small stature, and adorable appearance and the Yorkie became a highly sought-after dog in the country. This increased the popularity of the Yorkie in the U.S., where it has only continued to grow.

Today, the Yorkie is the most popular toy breed in the U.S. as well as in the U.K., Australia, Italy, and parts of South Africa.

Yorkies were recognized by the AKC in 1885.


Yorkshire Terrier Popularity (US)

Yorkie Popularity Overtime

Yorkies are the 9 th most popular dog breed overall. The love of Yorkies has remained strong over time, making them the perfect little companion to have by your side. These adorable dogs have a lot a personality in a pint-sized package and will bury their way right into your heart.

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