Stuffed Animal of Your Dog

dog stuffed animal

Dogs are the most adorable and compassionate of pets. Why not preserve the bond you have with your dog and have a stuffed animal made to look just like them? All you have to do is send us a photo of your furry companion and we create a huggable plush replica! 

Since every Petsies plush is handmade, we can do any pet breed you can think of, from Bulldogs and Dachshunds, to Corgis and Frenchies.   

Each custom dog stuffed animal is...

  • Custom-made to look just like your pup

  • Airbrushed to match your pet’s exact markings

  • Perfect gift for guys and gals who love their dog

  • A huggable way to remember a past pet

Custom Dog Plushies


Cute and Cuddly with Super-soft Fur & Airbrushing

poodle stuffed animal
white dog plush
huggable dog stuffed animal

Hand Made | Fairly Priced | Personal

Reg. $199 Sale! $159

6 month interest-free financing available. Learn more.


Detailed with Premium Furs & Full Airbrushing

realistic dog stuffed animal
schnauzer dog
cute stuffed animal

Hand Made | Fairly Priced | Personal

Reg. $249 Sale! $199

6 month interest-free financing available. Learn more.

The Perfect

Gift for Dog Lovers

You can easily get a random dog stuffed animal from the store, but there's nothing special or unique about it. A custom stuffed animal of your pet is 100% handmade to capture your dog's unique features and personality. It is a plush representation of the special bond that you have with them, and gives you a huggable way to remember them forever. 

Reasons to Get a Plush of Your Dog

  1. Cuddles on Demand: Sometimes you want to hug your dog but your dog doesn’t want to hug you back. What do you do? Get a custom stuffed animal version of your favorite pet and give them all the hugs you want.

  2. No Feeding or Cleaning: What’s better than a pet that doesn’t need to be fed or cleaned? You get all the goodness without worrying about the mess.

  3. Your Quiet Dog: Sure, your pet dog makes a great alarm system, but sometimes they make too much noise! This dog won’t make a peep.

  4. Remember a Past Dog: Luckily, these furry pets live forever, as long you love them.

turn dog into stuffed animal

We can turn any breed into a custom stuffed animal

Take a look at some of the different dog breeds we've made into Petsies Huggables and Forevers. Don't see the breed you are looking for listed here? Look for it on our Petsies Showcase.


Dog Facts

Population: Everywhere you look you see dogs, so who can possibly put a number on the population of dogs, but it is said that there are over 73 million dogs in the United States ALONE! 

Characteristics: Dogs come in all shapes and sizes.  The only thing more variable than their appearances are their personalities.  Chihuahua’s are tiny but sassy.  Great Danes are meek but proud.  Terriers are wild but good snugglers. 

Height: 2.5-42 inches

Lifespan: 10-13 years

Unique Talent: Dogs have so much talent.  You see them doing crazy tricks on television and in the movies as they can be trained to do just about anything. 

Most Popular Dog Breed: Labrador Retrievers

Group of Dogs: Packs.


History of Domestic Dogs

When were dogs domesticated? 

Dogs were the first thing humans domesticated. They are said to be decendents from wolves, which have been around for ages. Thanks to archaeological records that show that the first dog buried with humans lived about 14,700 years ago, it's safe to say dogs have been domesticated for some time now. Some argue for over 36,000 years.  

Why were dogs domesticated? 

Dogs provide a ton of benefit to their humans. While we dote on them for their captivating cuteness and their ability to offer up the best snuggles ever, dogs are also great hunters, protectors, and are typically very loyal companions. 

How do dogs differ today?

Dogs haven’t changed too much over the years.  They are still as highly regarded today as they were thousands of years ago.  If anything, it’s not their reputation that’s changed, rather, they have evolved in their appearances to help them adapt to their environments and lifestyle. Breeding has played also played a huge part in the evolution of dogs. 

wolf dog

We Can Create a Custom Plush of Any Pet

Take a look at some of the animals we've turned into stuffed animals so far. As you can see, we can create a custom look-alike of all kinds of pets, big and small, no matter how exotic they are! 

  • Turtle stuffed animals
  • Lizard stuffed animals
  • Pig stuffed animals
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