A Cuddly Custom Plush of Your Pet!

Petsies Huggables

• Custom-made: A super huggable, 100% unique plush of your pet 
Turn Any Pet into Plush: We specialize in all pets, big & small: dogs, cats, chickens… you name it!
A Special Gift: Pet lovers will cherish their one-of-a-kind plush of their pet forever
100% Quality Guarantee: Every custom stuffed animal is backed by our Craftsmanship Guarantee

Handmade | Fairly Priced | Personal

Reg. $199 Sale! $169

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Should You

Get a Custom Plush of Your Pet?

Only if You Love Your Pet!

Let’s be real, our pets are super adorable. They can be total monsters, mind you, but one sweet snuggle from them completely negates the terrible things they’ve done that day (and ever, really). And the fact that they love us unconditionally is a true gift in this world. Honor that bond forever with a custom stuffed animal that looks like your pet.


  • You’ll get all the cuddly and cute, and none of the destruction (or shedding)!

  • It’s an affordable alternative to scientifically cloning your pet. #truth

  • Petsies Huggables can go where pets cannot. Take them to work, on vacation, the grocery store… the sky's the limit!

  • Your pet-loving friends will shower you with praises of how cool you (and your new pet plush) are.

  • If you give a Petsies Huggable as a gift, you’re guaranteed the prize for the “Most Epic Gift Ever Given” award! (and you don’t risk gifting the same thing as someone else, which is totally awkward)


  • You might love your Petsies plush more than your pet.
pet plush
cat stuffed animal

The Puuurfect Gift for Pet Owners

Do you know someone who is obsessed with their pet? These are our people!

What can you give them on their next holiday? Sure, another pet outfit would be adorable, and a new toy would certainly get the pups all excited (for about a day); But they’ll eventually end up in a box with all of the other toys and clothes they’ve received throughout the years.

Want to stand out? How about the most special gift of all: a completely handmade custom plush of their pets! They will obsess over their Petsies Plush forever… and you can play the fun game of “Real Pet or Petsies Plush?” each time they post a new pic on Facebook :)

A huggable Selfie of Your Pet

We take countless photos of our pets. In fact, our friends are probably tired of seeing photos of our pets… but who cares? Every pic of our pet creates an instant feeling of joy.

And now you can make that happiness forever tangible with a huggable custom 3D “selfie” of your pet. It helps, too, if your pet is less than excited to snuggle with you! Now, you’ll get all the snuggles you want.

3d plush of dog


Size: Available in 10”, 16”

Materials: Fine, super-soft faux furs with all new, hypoallergenic polyester plush filling, specialty noses and eyes fixtures, and touch up airbrushing for the little details.

Turnaround Time: All Petsies are completed and shipped to your home in approximately 6 weeks. 

The Creation Process: We make it SUPER easy for you! All you have to do is send us the photo of your pet (via email or text message) that you want us to create your Petsies of, and we’ll take care of the rest. Making the perfect Petsies plush takes time, dedication and many challenging steps. To keep you happily in the loop, we will send you email updates throughout the entire design and sewing process!

guarantee guarantee


    We Can Create a Custom Plush of Any Pet

    Take a look at some of the animals we've turned into stuffed animals so far. As you can see, we can create a custom lookalike of all kinds of pets, big and small, no matter how exotic they are! 

    • Turtle stuffed animals
    • Lizard stuffed animals
    • Pig stuffed animals
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