A Special Pet Memorial Gift

pet memorial gift

The plush lookalike of your lovable companion

We understand that having a pet is a labor of love, and we know losing that job can be difficult. And that's why we're here! 

Turn your beloved pet into a custom stuffed animal and give yourself, your kids, or a loved one a way to hug and honor a past pet. We know the love you have for your pet will last forever in your heart… and now you can have a physical reminder of that love, too!

The Beautiful Way to Remember Your Pet

Seeing how much comfort (and snuggles) our Petsies plushies bring to those who have lost their fur babies is what keeps us going every day! We feel truly blessed to play even the smallest role in comforting others during a time of heartache. 

Watch this heartwarming video of 3 people being suprised with Petsies stuffed animals. 

Customer Testimonials

Petsies Memorial Post

Derek and his wife Alana ordered this Petsie of their sweet dog Pepper after he sadly passed away. They love that they now have this plush in his likeness to remember him by.

Pet Dog Eli

"We lost our boy Eli last year to cancer. Thank you so much for this recreation, my son couldnt be happier to have his buddy back!"

Pet Cat

"We received our petsie today. We lost our beloved cat, Jupiter, and now through Budsies/Petsies we can forever remember him and still feel like we can cuddle with him. Jojo was so excited and happy she has a part of Jupiter back."

Girl with Petsie

"Thank you @petsies for doing an amazing job on my girlfriends dog that passed away last year! She hasn’t stopped crying since I surprised her with the petsie."

A Heartwarming Story

Harriet and her husband lost their dog Wiena (pronounced 'VEE-NAH') this past year. They got a Petsie of the dog and named her Miena. Wiena would accompany her family on various trips and adventures, so when she passed away, Harriet and her husband struggled to cope. Once they got their Petsies plush, they began to bring her on trips with them. She goes with the family whenever she can!

Get a Custom Plush of a Past Pet
Remember a Past Pet with a Petsies Plush

"Last year (2016) we took Wiena (VEE-NAH) to Arizona (Grand Canyon, Sedona). Now that she is gone, we have her Petsies (Miena - MEE-NAH) who gets to take the trips. I had pictures of Wiena which I really loved when she jumped up on a rock during our hike on the Adobe Jack Trail in Sedona. So this year, we took Miena and made the pilgrimage to the rock. Last year I could walk well, but now I have to ujse a Rollator and found out the trail was quite rocky and difficult, but we did it. Miena even fell off the rock and has been baptized by the Red Rock dust of Sedona". -Harriet Feria

An Open Letter

To Anyone Who Has Lost a Pet

My name is Frankie and I’m part of the Petsies team. I wanted to personally express my heartfelt condolences to those who’ve lost their beloved companion, because I know the depth of pain you can feel when you lose such an important part of your family. I’ve felt that same loss, and it never gets easier.

When my dog, Devo, came into my life, my heart grew exponentially. He taught me how to love unconditionally, be patient, be present, and learn to truly care for something other than myself. He also had the goofiest personality (which always made me laugh) and was totally there for me during my awkward years… loyalty to the max! And even though I knew he wouldn’t live forever, nothing truly prepared me for the loss I felt when he was gone.

It’s amazing how much our pets touch our heart and truly affect our lives. I’ve always said, it doesn’t matter what they do—poop in the house, eat my brand new shoes, howl like wild banshees when they see other animals—one little snuggle makes it all worth it. And it's the gift of a forever snuggle partner that we wish to give to you!

As the sadness of your loss lingers, we hope cuddling up with your custom Petsie will help bring you some comfort and happiness.

Director at Petsies

Sharing Pet Love Worldwide!

Petsies stories that make us laugh, cry, and everything in between! 

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