A Personalized Pet Memorial Gift

Petsies stuffed animals can aid in the grieving process, offering a tangible connection to cherished companions who have passed away.

  • Each one is personalized to look like your pet.

  • We offer memory pouch upgrades to hold ashes.

  • There are 3 sizes: 10", 16" and 24" available.

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Pet Memorial Reviews

A Priceless Gift that Comforts the Heart

Seeing how much comfort (and snuggles) our Petsies plushies bring to those who have lost their fur babies is what keeps us going every day!

We feel truly blessed to play even the smallest role in comforting others during a time of heartache and work with amazing organizations like Lap of Love to help grieving pet owners one plush at a time! 

"After our mom passed, we had to move our 89-year-old dad into a memory care unit. She had been 'the brains' and he was 'the brawn' for the last few years. He was unable to care for his beloved 14-year-old dachshund Coco once he moved into memory care so we moved her into our house with our two other dogs. 

We ordered dad a Coco plushie for him and wow, what a difference it has made in this transition. Dementia is a terrible disease but it has allowed him to believe that his plushie is the real Coco. Best purchase we have made and recommend for anyone with a family member with dementia losing their pet." 

- Mary

Customer Reviews

A Beautiful Way to Remember Your Pet

Watch this heartwarming video of 3 people being suprised with Petsies stuffed animals. 

An Open Letter

To Anyone Who Has Lost a Pet

To those who have lost their beloved companions, I wanted to personally express my heartfelt condolences to you. I know the depth of pain you can feel when you lose such an important part of your family. I’ve felt that same loss, and it never gets easier.

It’s amazing how much our pets touch our heart and truly affect our lives. I’ve always said, it doesn’t matter what they do—one little snuggle makes it all worth it. And it's the gift of a forever snuggle partner that we wish to give to you!

As the sadness of your loss lingers, we hope cuddling up with your custom Petsie will help bring you some comfort and happiness.


Frankie ( CMO at Petsies)

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